If you turn your head any further, you’ll break your neck.

In full disclosure, this is not what I wore today until about an hour ago. I had this dress on most of the day, and while I wasn’t very fond of the way I had styled it, I got stared at by pretty much everyone in the grocery store– and one old man turned his head and watched me until I was completely behind him.

It was weird. It made me feel like maybe I had something on my face.

So I think these pictures prove that my summer tan had no intention of staying. Not that I really had a summer tan (I did have tan-lines, if you can believe it), and not that I care. I decided, after getting said tan lines, that I really prefer being pale. Especially  now that I have the red hair. It just makes me happy.

I find it impossible to not throw leaves right now, if you hadn’t noticed.

And here I am picking a hair off my tongue. Photogenic, eh?

This is why I always look at the jewelry counter at thrift stores. I’ve been looking for a big owl like this for AGES, and I finally found one today! AH! I was elated.

I’ ve run out of things to say. I only had three (or less) hours of sleep last night, and I opened at work this morning. Suffice it to say my brain really hasn’t worked properly all day.

I turned in circles a lot.

Things are hard to find when you’re sleep-deprived. Especially if they’re sitting in plain sight.


  • Annalise

    Lovely outfit. The black and white of your dress pops nicely against the bright yellow. And what a great thrift store find of your owl necklace. Super fun!

  • Demy

    Hi!!! This dress is such a beauty! I love the print and it looks really good with mustard. Oh and the owl?? HAHA! It’s kind of creepy and it looks angry, but I do like it SO much! 😀 Now, if you ask me, all these people stared atyou, because, let’s face it: you’re gorgeous! Besides this blue dress is a beauty!!! 🙂 I totally adore the pics with the leaves by the way 😛
    Oh I hear you on the lack of sleep issue.. Today is my name day in Greece (Dimitra), and I’m like a chicken… Good! 😛 Not that I’d had time to celebrate it anyways, because of the studying, but still…it would be nice if the people who come to wish me, didn’t face a sleeping pillow 😛 Kisseees!

    • Mara

      Hi, you! Well, the creepy angry owl is a good Halloween owl, then, yeah? 😀 I like creepy things, anyway. Hehe.
      Ooh, happy name day! I think you have a really pretty name, by the way.

  • Asia Morela

    Big owl = great find! Happy for you 😀
    This cardigan also looks really lovely on you, and with the dress.

    And ah! I’m the worst when it comes to finding things. My boyfriend says I just don’t *look*, but the truth is I can look for an hour and I just won’t *see*! Which is worse ’cause I can’t do anything about it! 😐

    • Mara

      I was actually really surprised to find the owl necklace– usually my Goodwill’s necklace selection isn’t that great. So yes, I was pretty excited. 😀

      Haha! I know exactly what you mean! We always keep the pens in the same place at work, but yesterday I kept turning around in circles because I couldn’t find them. Even though they were in the same place all shift.