White, white, and white.

This post is going to be detail pictures only, because I am irritated at the full-body shots. Or rather, I’m irritated at my camera. My camera thinks that my skin and this dress are the same color, and refuses to separate the two.

Also, it doesn’t want to pick up the details. But I had to share the fact that it’sย SNOWING!!!ย FINALLY. And yes, that did require lots of exclamation points and all-capital words.

I love the snow. It hasn’t really started to stick yet, but I think it will. It’s beautiful outside.

I might have to get my photographer friend (who has a WAY better camera than mine!) to come over and take pictures with me in the snow. This kind of weather is too beautiful to not have a photoshoot!

No pricing today. The dress was a gift from my brother, the cardigan is very old, the earrings were… from Walmart, I think… and yes. The boots were $27 and the tights were $5, and the belt (you all should know this by now, I wear it enough) was 99 cents.

Have a beautiful Sunday!