Midweek Inspiration


I’ve had Kitsune-kun’s outfit pinned to my Style Inspiration board for a really long time. I loved the pairing of blue, yellow, and maroon in her outfit (and I also really want her dress), but for some reason I never got around to trying it for myself… until yesterday.

By the way, I always forget to mention that if you want to see the pictured blogger’s original post, you can just click on her picture.

Somehow or another, I always end up wearing this dress on a very windy day. It had been calm and quiet for the last few days, so I figured it would be pretty safe to wear this.

I was wrong. It was so windy! It made for some fun pictures… although they almost turned scandalous once or twice.

And this is an outfit that I actually like better in the pictures than I did wearing it. Not to say I didn’t like the outfit, but there’s something about this cardigan that just felt funny with this dress. I think it’s the slightly puffy shoulders.

We were trying to find a good location near the trees that have started popping out flowers, but everywhere we went was either in front of a really ugly house, or the trees were very high up. So we gave up and decided to just take pictures underneath the branches, on a sidewalk.

And then we found a row of pretty trees just down the street.

Mr. Owl calls this the stalker picture. I guess he’s become my number one stalker. 😉

This is what this skirt does in the wind. It’s slightly scandalous at times, but mostly just fun.

And I just realized that I’m wearing the same dress as my first Midweek Inspiration post. Fancy that! It’s a good dress.  

These shoes… what can I say? I love them. I just got rid of a bunch of shoes, since we’re moving and I never wore about half of my collection (which were also very old, or else I’d have sold them as I’m planning to do with the dresses I rarely wore), so I think it’s time to hunt for more that look like this.

But my family would probably argue that I still have too many shoes.

And I just realized that I’m not looking at the camera at all in any of these! It’s an automatic thing when I’m wearing my glasses, to angle my face away. Otherwise, I get lens-flare in my glasses… except that Mr. Owl has a fancy camera which sort of prevents that.


I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!