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By The Sea

It’s Mr. Owl and my 5 month anniversary today! Can you believe it? I can’t. It doesn’t feel like it’s been five months… and yet, it feels like we’ve known each other forever. I’m still quite fond of him.

On Monday, Mr. Owl and I went to a place called Point No Point to see the lighthouse (and the beach.) I really, really love the sea, and lighthouses, and it was the perfect day for such an outing! The sun was out, the tide was out, and since it was a Monday, the beach was relatively free of people.

Since the tide was so far out, there were plenty of warm little tide-pools to wade through. Occasionally, there was a tiny fish– such as that little guy– and (thankfully) more occasionally, a crab. We adventured across the beach and made our way out onto a sandbar, thinking we were pretty safe from the tide as the water was only ankle-deep when we waded out there.

What we didn’t realize was that the tide was coming in.

Now, I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to the ocean– I absolutely love the water, but I’m absolutely afraid of it when it gets too deep and/or murky. And by the time we realized that the tide was coming in, those nice, warm, ankle-deep tide pools were getting to be almost knee-deep… and very cold. And full of big scary crabs.

I may or may not have panicked, squealed, and acted very much like a girl on the way back.

Hey, I had no shoes on, and ginormo crab could have snapped my toes off!

Thankfully, we made it back to dry land unscathed, and just in time to see a flock of some sort of non-seagull-or-goose birds flying overhead. I’m not really sure what they were- it’s hard to tell from below- but they sort of looked like pelicans.

After the near-death experience with the deepening water and the crab (okay, it wasn’t really near-death… I’m just being a little dramatic), we spent a good deal of time just sitting in the warm sand on the beach and basking in the sunshine, watching as boats sailed by and people wandered around. There were a few sand-bugs to deal with (sorta gross), but it was still such a perfect day.

I think I could spend every day at the beach and be a very happy girl.

Eventually, we wandered back towards the lighthouse and the adorable little cottage where the lighthouse keepers stay. You can rent the cottage! I so want to do that!

Someday, I want a white picket fence. There’s just something so classic about them!

As we wandered, I was reminded of Mrs. Lovett singing “By The Sea” in Sweeney Todd. Ah, if only I had a striped dress to prance around in at the ocean…

It really was the perfect day.

I want to go back soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!



  • anne dannells

    Daniel and I were there a few weeks ago! We went on a little hike in the Hansville Wildlife Corridor. We stopped at that lighthouse too!  I love the name Point No Point.  It’s just fun to ponder the meaning.  🙂  

  • mariecarolk

    So beautiful! I need to travel to the ocean again. Last time I was there, it was only for a few hours. That’s not nearly long enough 🙂 So excited for you guys! Love that white picket fence.


    • Mara

      A few hours is definitely  not long enough to be at the ocean! Especially on a nice day. I can’t wait until it’s summer and my family goes camping at the water; those are the best times! We spend entire weekends at the ocean, and I love it.

      • mariecarolk

         My souls just sort of sighs with contentment at the idea of weekends by the ocean. It’s official: I’m moving to Washington 😛

  • Demy

    Hi! 😀 First of all, happy happy happy Anniversary! Oh my Gosh, 5 months? Really? WOW! Time does fly by. It’s sort of scary, isn’t it? :O Well, I guess I just didn’t sense time going by but next week I’m sitting for my finals, oh Jesus Christ! Aaaanyway, this place is gorgeous! Look at this cottage, so cute! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could rent it sometime for a holiday with your Mr. Owl??! Amazing! 🙂 Also, hahahahhaha!!! Your “near-death” experience is hilarious! I’m not afraid of deep water, given that I was raised by the sea (and I was there yesterday, now my back is red from the sun :/), but crap, crabs??? Nope, thank you! I hate them, to put it mildly! But it’s a gorgeous place, worth risking losing a few toes by a mean crab 😛

    • Mara

      Thank you, dear! It definitely does! Although it’s weird, the months seem to go by really slowly now, but the days still fly by too fast. 
      Good luck on your finals! 
      It would be SO fun to rent for a holiday! Maybe someday in the future we’ll get to do that. 
      Yeah, crabs are kind of scary. Especially big ones. I’m not fond of them. 😉 And I just have this fear that something will come up and nibble on me when I’m in water that I can’t see through!

  • Margaret

    Hey! Point No Point is like, an hour from my house! I love looking at all your pictures of the beautiful sights on the peninsula.