Weekend Links

Friday Links

Well, posting pictures yesterday didn’t work out like I planned, and all the pictures I want right now are still on  Mr. Owl’s camera. Forgive me for the lack of posting lately! Hopefully, next week with bring forth a good amount of pictures.   In the meantime, enjoy the links!

Weekend Nerdiness:

Weekend Pretties:

Weekend Cuteness:

  • Two little girls try to say “popsicle“.
  • Last week, it was a baby hippo. This time: baby rhinoceros!
  • Speaking of baby things, Sydney’s baby boy is ADORABLE.

Weekend Giggles:

And lastly, as I was talking about earlier this week, I’m finally putting up some of my dresses for sale. I’ve found a much easier way to sell than all my previous finds, and hopefully  by the end of next week the store will be up and running! If you are curious to see a preview few of the things I’ll most likely be selling, click here.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!