30 Day Challenges,  Fashion


Lo and behold, I remembered I had an outfit I hadn’t posted on the blog yet: this was one of my 30 Days of Dresses outfits that I wasn’t too fond of when I wore it (and it’s still not my favorite. But obviously I like it enough to put it up) so I never did a blog post about it. Actually, I remember hating all of the pictures when I looked through them the first time.

But now that it’s been over a month (they’re from April 21st! I can’t believe that’s already a month ago), I found a few that I liked.

I also realized that I never posted pictures from my birthday adventure in Seattle. So what do you know, I’ve got enough to post for tomorrow, too! 😉 And I am glad, because I miss blogging but Mr. Owl has been quite tired when he’s gotten off work– the company works an extra half hour every day so that on Fridays, they can get off early (which means total, he’s there for nine hours. And then minus breaks.)– so I haven’t asked him to take my outfit pictures.

And tonight, we’re going to cook dinner for our parents. It’s funny how life suddenly gets in the way.

Ah, well. That’s what planning and schedules are for.

I really, really like the pattern of this dress, but the fit isn’t the most flattering on me, and the neckline kills my chest. It’s one of those dresses that, on me, is just slightly too tight around the armpits, so it’s all tight and by the end of the day it just kind of hurts. I’m sure on someone with a different build, it would be much more comfortable.

I am going to work on putting up some of my dresses for sale soon: I have decided that, instead of trying to re-style and re-photograph the items I intend to sell, I’ll just use old outfit pictures. Unless, of course, the old picture misrepresents the color of the garment.

That makes putting up the items a lot quicker, and since photograph time has been cut back, I won’t have to waste time taking pictures of something I’m never going to wear again.

Although I suppose it’s not really a waste of time.

{Thrifted} Cardigan, shoes, and belt. {Unknown} Dress.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! And hopefully soon I’ll be back with new pictures.

Because I got my hair cut, and it looks a little different now. 😉


  • Demy

    Hi! You cut your hair?? Nice! Can’t wait to see the new look! 😀 
    You’re not fair with your pictures, these ones are really really great! And I love the dress, it’s so cute, although I do get this feeling with the armpits. SO annoying. But it looks cute nevertheless.. And the shoes are amazing as well! 
    Mr. Owl works maaany many hours..But I guess that it’s better if he can leave earlier on Fridays. Planning is everything, I’m sure you’ll find a way to fit everything in! 😀

  • Abatc002

    that is such an adorable classic outfit. the shoes especially are to die for!  I would snatch those up in a heart beat. I dig the matching of the blue shoes to the blue in the dress.

  • Jamie Rose

    Aw I think this outfit turned out really cute. I love the seersucker dress paired with your yellow cardigan. The bow detail at the neckline of that dress is fantastic too.