Vintage Shop


A blog shop!

I had planned to make it public later this week, but Mr. Owl and I didn’t end up taking outfit pictures yesterday, so instead… you get to see the shop. I don’t have very much up yet, since I only have time to work on it before work or before bed, but hopefully by the weekend I’ll be able to track down and put up everything I’m selling from my closet.

Everything I’m selling will be priced close to what I purchased it for, since they’re all used items and I just need to get them out of my closet. My goal is to always keep the blog shop items under $20 or less. (There is one dress that’s $50, but that was the purchase price and it still looks new and wasn’t heavily worn. And it has pockets!) I am trying to use outfit pictures for everything I’m selling so that you can see how it fits me and then imagine how it might work on you, and if something would fit better on someone larger or smaller, I’ll include that info, too.

If everything goes well, I would love to make the blog shop a permanent thing, and make it into a side-hobby of selling beautiful things. But we’ll see. For now, I’ll stick to clearing out my closet and see how it goes. One step at a time!

Anyway. I hope you all enjoy at least looking at the things I’m getting out of my closet! Click on the picture, or right here, to browse the few things I have up so far.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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