30 Day Challenges

30×30: Day five

This is what happens when Mr. Owl doesn’t have his camera and I happen to actually have a few minutes to take my own outfit pictures with my mom’s camera. I’m not too fond of how low-quality these are, seeing as how Mr. Owl has a fancy camera and I’m spoiled by his pictures now, but I really liked this outfit so… oh well.

I wore two outfits on this day. The first one is here. That skirt is going to be retired, because it is a scandalous skirt. Meaning, it likes to ride up whenever I sit down, and stay there when I stand up, and it’s one of those white skirts that is just a little too sheer to be safe.

Ah, the joys of finding out which clothes you should never wear to work again…

{Romy} Dress (gift) {Thrifted} Shirt: $4.99 {Target} Shoes (old) {Icing} Earrings: $4

And speaking of work, I should probably leave. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


  • Demy

    Hi! 🙂 WOW! I did notice the difference in the photos! I mean, they look pretty cool as well, but Mr. Owl has indeed spoiled all of us 😛 Love the dress though and the way you tied the shirt, it looks beautiful 🙂 I liked the other outfit as well, but I get what you mean about the skirt going up. It pisses me off when that happens :@ Such a pity, it’s a pretty skirt. But never mind, all of your clothes are pretty 😛 Hey, I’ve been wondering the other day…Are you still writing? And what’s up with My Beloved? You’re probably too busy with work and stuff to care about this among all the other things, I get it, but I SO wish I could read it <3 :*

    • Mara

      Mr. Owl’s pictures are definitely better. And I have more fun when he takes the pictures. 
      I am… slowly writing. I haven’t really done anything substantial for a long time, but I’m trying to get back into writing by just writing something random and letting it go wherever it wants to go. Hopefully that will get me back to writing My Beloved!