2012: a year in review

Looking back, 2012 was definitely one of the best years of my life, and most of you probably know why, and I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings! I don’t know that I’ve ever done a year in review on my blog, probably because I’m still settling into blogging and style, but I think last year was chock full of great things; events, outfits, general… wonderfulness, and for those of you that are new, I thought I’d share the highlights of my year. (Click on the pictures to be taken to the posts.


I wore one of my favorite outfits, ever.

My blog hit 400 followers, and I revealed that after 23 years of waiting, I’d met my true love. I didn’t say in that post, but I knew he was the one even after only a month of dating.


Mr. Owl and I did one of our very first photoshoots together, and I began working at my current job, which fulfilled my secret dream of being a secretary.


Mr. Owl started taking my outfit pictures regularly, and it snowed!


I wore another of my absolute favorite outfits, moved to the most beautiful beach ever, and started a 30 Days of Dresses Challenge. Which I didn’t finish.

I turned 24, reached over 1,000 followers, started accepting sponsors, and started hosting my own blog.


I wore a fashion-blogger cliche outfit, found this awesome owl sign in Seattle, and wrote a tutorial on blog design.

I opened a blog shop, and got fancy for Mr. Owl’s and my 5 month dating anniversary.


I tried the 30×30 challenge… and didn’t finish that, either. Mr. Owl came with  me and my family to go camping at Kalaloch, one of the most beautiful places to camp, ever.

I made a dress, did my very first worn-my-way post, did a style post on Mr. Owl, and discovered how amazingly awesome Beauty Mint skincare is.


I wrote a post about body image, and bared my insecurities.

I posed with daisies, and found a field of flowers that I would later pick and dry for my wedding.

And, monumentally, I quit using the pseudonym of Mara, which I had been using ever since first stepping into the internet scene at the age of 16, and revealed my real name.


One of the best days of my life happened: Mr. Owl Proposed.

And Mr. Owl’s brother took some really amazing engagement photos for us.


I talked about self worth in regards to sex, because young girls and young boys need to know that their worth is more than what’s on the outside.

Mr. Owl and I went to a corn maze, which was SO FUN, and I finally got an iPhone, which meant I got instagram!


Mr. Owl and I did a late Halloween photoshoot, and I started writing for NaNoWriMo.



And, of course, the best thing of all: I got married to the love of my life.

2012 was a good year.

How was yours?

I hope you all have an absolutely smashing and wonderful 2013, full of everything you’ve ever hoped to accomplish!


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  • Anita Jacob

    May you have an even more awesome year this year! I read your Beauty Mint post…I really shouldn’t have….I read the comments too…and I totally shouldn’t have….I need to investigate their website…*bangs head on wall* hehehe!

  • The_Canon_Girl

    Goodness, what an amazing year! I Love ALL of the outfits and pictures, you’re an awesommmme blogger. And it made me realise, again, how I love to read serious posts on blogs. About sex, body image, self-confidence, they inspire me greatly. To read sensible ramblings from sensible people, no matter whether your beliefs (or lack thereof) differ or not. It makes me gain trust in humanity a little, haha. I also can’t get over how perfect your weddingpictures are.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you so much! You are so sweet, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog and general musings on life! I’m always so excited to meet new people and make new friends!

  • Kristi Beitler

    That was a beautiful wrap up of your year. It was so neat to see what moments/outfits stood out to you the most.