New Year Wishes and Instagram Outfits

I have been very faithfully recording my daily outfits on Instagram lately, so if you’re craving more outfits and I’m slow posting them to the blog, check on my Instagram, @owleccentric! I will be trying to make an insta-outfit pictures album on Facebook, but I can’t really do that until we get internet at my house.

I have a few New Year’s resolutions now that we’re in the New Year and I’ve finished sharing my wedding pictures with you all, and since I didn’t do an official “Happy New Year!” post, I thought I’d do that now.

So here they are. My new years resolutions.


1. Wear more/find more vintage (skirts and hats especially). I’ve been wearing a lot more of my thrifted or vintage (well… my vintage is always thrifted) finds lately, and I’ve found that a) they fit my body better, and b) they fit my style better. Plus, it’s a thrill to find vintage clothing at thrift stores and hunt around to place the era of the garment. Above, as an example, is a skirt I found for one dollar at one of my favorite (smelly, full-of-junk) thrift stores. I noticed it had a metal zipper, so I did a little research and discovered that it is vintage from the 30’s or 40’s. I love finding things like this!

PicMonkey Collage

2. Be more adventurous and expressive with makeup. I have always loved playing with makeup, but I never really put much effort into what I wear on my face. This last week I’ve been wearing lipstick (which I don’t do often enough) and I’ve been playing more with eyeshadows, and I love it! It’s so fun to be dolled up. Also, do my hair more often and don’t throw it up in a bun. It’s finally getting long enough to braid, yay!


3. Dye my hair blonde, followed by red. This is the year for crazy hair. Mr. Owl is going to grow his out and complete the pact he made with his brother, so I’m going to go completely opposite of the normal haircolor (dark brown) for me and lighten it up a little. Or a lot.

PicMonkey Collage

4. Join the YMCA, exercise regularly, and lose 10 pounds. I’m not incredibly self-conscious about my weight, but it would be nice to weigh less than my husband (darn him and his great never-gains-weight genes) and it would also be nice to go hiking and not have to stop every five minutes because I can’t breathe properly.

Coral5. Cultivate my blog shop and begin to fill it with more goodies. As I said a few points back, it is a thrill like no other to find vintage items, and I would love more than anything to have a fully thriving shop that I can fill with pretty vintage, vintage-inspired, and retro-looking items (not only clothes, either!) I would love for this blog and that blog shop to be my full-time job, and not have to work any longer, and I think blogging/blog shop running would be the perfect fit for my aspirations to be a stay-at-home housewife (and eventually mother).

Sunday Best6. Last, but certainly not least, blog more and write more. I miss blogging daily (this week is the first week in who knows how long that I’ve blogged daily), and I miss writing, period. I want to get back to blogging and writing like a fiend. Especially now that I have access to Mr. Owl’s super fancy camera and I don’t necessarily need him to take my pictures. I just need his camera.

That’s about it. I’m sure there are other things that will come up, but mostly I want to do more with my blog, style, and writing. What are your new year’s resolutions?

I think this is going to be a wonderful year. Tomorrow, I’ve scheduled a year-in-review of last year so you can take a trip with me and see all the great things that happened (like… y’know, I got hitched.)

So until then, have a beautiful day!

I’ve found my love, and it is bliss.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures! Have a beautiful Wednesday!


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  • Feathers & Freckles

    I love all these looks!! Those heart tights are adorable 🙂 Great new years goals… attainable and fun – I love the idea of experimenting with makeup more, I always do the same boring routine and should try switching it up more often!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! The heart tights are my favorite. I will wear them until they’re too full of runs (which is already happening) to wear.
      Me, too. I love playing with makeup, but I don’t seem to ever get creative with it despite all of the makeup I have in my drawer. So this year, it’s time to experiment!

  • Salazar

    That outfit with the leopard brooch (it’s a leopard, right?) might be the best thing I’ve seen on your blog to date – that skirt is fabulous!

  • The_Canon_Girl

    YES TO THE BLONDE. You will be an AMAZING blonde, I can feel it in me bones. And come to think of it, you’ll be a total babe redhead too. Which proves my overall stance on “beauty” one again; You can look amazing with everything if you feel comfortable with it. Now that my hair is shorter again I really feel like experimenting with make-up more too, I love the feeling of looking in the mirror and feeling like a china doll (with, granted, bright green eyeshadow or something :D). Love the bright pink lipstick on you! I absolutely adore the outfit with the wonderwoman belt (haha) and the leopard/cheetah broach. It’s retro perfection.

  • FlyingPeanut

    Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. You dress up so well, and you’re so gorgeous, and your makeup is so amazing… I’m really jealous now. Why am I still in pajamas ?