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Daily makeup adjustments as a blonde

So once I went blonde, I immediately realized I would have to make a few adjustments to my makeup routine. With dark hair, I could play up the contrast of pink cheeks and blue-red lipstick with my pale skin. But going blonde brought out the natural redness in my skin. That redness I didn’t want.

As well, my eyebrows are significantly darker than my hair now, which can be tricky to pull off unless you have the right makeup.

My old makeup consisted of bright pink blush, black eyeliner, and lots of dark browns and blacks for shadows. This doesn’t work well for me as a blonde because the natural redness is already brought out, plus the darker shades are too harsh of a contrast.

My new makeup has transformed into peachier, golden shades, with a little bronzer thrown in to mute redness, concealer to help keep shadows and blemishes covered, and brown liner and mascara to soften everything. Using black shadows and mascara when I already have dark eyes and brows brings out the shadows under my eyes and makes them look deep set.

I think using concealer has been the biggest change. That, and switching to coral/orange toned lipstick instead of using blue tones.

I am still totally in love with blonde hair!!! It’s SO fun, and hilarious how many people don’t recognize me.
How are you all doing on this gorgeous sunny Monday?

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  • Amber Chalus

    Oh my goodness! You look so pretty Kristina!!! (As always) But I almost didn’t recognize you on my facebook feed with the blonde hair. It looks stunning. Hehe. <3

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you, Amber! My own mother didn’t recognize me, along with several known-for-years friends! So I wouldn’t expect anyone else to, either!

  • mariecarolk

    I’m seriously in love with this blonde hair of yours! It looks so chic on you and the makeup looks great as well.

    Monday? I know it by the name of “I only have two more weeks of school before summer”-day. Hehe


    • Eccentric Owl

      Aww! Thank you! So am I. It’s super, super fun to be blonde and to play around with makeup colors that I can’t get away with with dark hair.
      Oooh! Exciting! I wish work was the same way… summer breaks… that would be nice. 😀

  • Jamie Rose

    So pretty! I’m loving your blonde hair. This peachy coral lipstick is a gorgeous color for summer and your eye makeup is super pretty here.

  • nancy

    How do you choose the right concealer? I have purpley/reddish/sometimes just brown dark circles under my eyes naturally. Really, really, really dark circles. The minute I do my eyebrows or put on any dark brown or gray eye makeup I look like a zombie–and the concealers I’ve tried don’t do anything! They make them more grayish because the skin colored stuff just sits on top of my skin…which isn’t at all a natural skin color. I think I need to invest in a color corrector but I’m not sure if I need the yellow one or the green one 🙁

    • Eccentric Owl

      For purple shadows, it’s best to go with a yellow color corrector. For red/brown, green is better. I would just give them both a try and see which one works best! Some makeup brands carry a color corrective palette that includes green, yellow, peach, and lavender so you can test all four different corrective shades without having to buy four different products.
      For a normal concealer, it should be a shade lighter than your skin, and creamy rather than liquidy. Never ever use the stick kind!

      Currently, I’m using the super cheap concealer from Elf (available at Target. It’s like… three dollars or less) and I really like the consistency of it. I’m not sure how many shades they have, though. But if you’re looking to just test things, go to Target and shop the Elf brand! They’ve got tons of things for super cheap, and are great for if you’re not sure what will work best with your skin tone.