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30 Days of Self Portraits: Motherhood


A Beautiful Mess has challenged their readers to join them in a 30 day self-portrait challenge, and I’ve decided to join in! Since I take all of my own photos anyway, it will be fun to practice my photography skills (especially since I hope to use them professionally!)

But the difference between self-portraits and fashion pictures? I think the self-portraits will be more personal; I’d like to try to put something I love into each of them (something I’m passionate about, or what makes me who I am; books, writing, homemaking, motherhood, marriage… etc) instead of focusing on outfits. Plus, I’ll probably be more experimental with my self-portrait shots than my outfit shots. But perhaps the two will meld! Who knows!


This first little self-portrait session was rushed, but I’m pleased with the results; I only had about 20 minutes to shoot, and it was a quick decision to pare down to the basics (I took my hair down mid-shoot and didn’t even brush it) with no accessories, little makeup, and the simplest dress I could find… which is just a piece of cloth I’ve tacked together to stay on. I wanted to focus on the second most important thing in life right now: impending motherhood. 4

And, for a new spin, I shot entirely in black and white, which I have never done before. But in editing, the photos lent themselves so wonderfully to a sepia tone, so that’s that!

These last two shots are my favorite. 15

Are any of you joining the 30 day self-portrait challenge? You can join them at any time! And link me to where you’re sharing your selfies, if you are, I want to see! Daily, i’ll be sharing my self-portraits on either Facebook or Instagram (@owleccentric), but I’ll try to do a weekly (ish) recap on the blog (and, of course, share the sessions I really love)

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


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  • Salazar

    Beautiful. I actually like the first one best but that’s just me 🙂 There’s a “Mother Earth” quality to these photos which the sepia tone works really well. And I can’t believe your dress is just a piece of fabric! It looks great!

  • Runes and Rhinestones

    You look beautiful, and the pictures are stunning too. Belated congratulations on the bump!

  • Marlen

    aahhh that last shot is SO pretty- it’s so touching. and that’s so cool you’re doing the challenge! i considered it but had no idea how to be creative with it. your turned out amazing! i would never guess it just took you a quick thirty minutes- impressssive.

    xo marlen
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