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Five quick hairstyles for straight hair


One thing people don’t seem to realize about me is that I have very straight hair naturally. If I don’t brush it and sleep on it while wet, it comes out much like it is in this post. If I blow-dry it without trying to straighten it (brush through, blow dry, done) it comes out like the above.

Coming into fall, I feel like letting my hair be its natural self more often (less curling), but I also still want to do something with it! And I’m not one to spend hours on my hair, so if you’re like me and you want a few quick-and-easy ideas on ways to style your hair(read: no curling, straightening, or even drying required): here are mine. None of these took more than five minutes.


Part hair in the middle, braid small sections of either side, pin back. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy!

4 Again, easy: part hair on whatever side you like best, pin slightly down and to the side, add a flower. Or a pin. Or whatever pretty/sparkly/shiny thing you have that you want to add.


For this, I part my hair a bit more to one side than I usually would. And then, it’s just French braid the front-most part, leaving a layer of hair to cover where it’s pinned, and done!

9Style 4

Add a little extra detail to the usual bump: gather a small front section of your hair, roll downwards from the ends, and pin in place.

14Style 5

Leaf Pendant Drawstring Necklace c/o Oasap | Dress, Romy

And, if you have to be fancy but don’t want to spend too much time on your hair: pull it back into a sleek, low ponytail, separate into several sections, and wrap each section loosely around the ponytail until your hair is secure but still messy. I love this one!

While we’re on the subject of hair: you should check out Tresemme’s Liquid Gold Shine Therapy. It is the best; after bleaching my hair, I was left with some pretty scraggly strands that tangled like crazy and looked dry and straw-like. But after using the Shine Therapy once, my hair went from straw tangles to smooth and shiny. Seriously a miracle product.

What are your favorite easy ways to style your hair?

P.S. Just as I am really in love with the cardigan, I also adore this necklace from Oasap! It’s adjustable– which is a big thing for me– and goes with everything. I’ve worn it enough that I got a sunburn in the shape of the leaf when we went hiking. Ha!

Happy Tuesday!


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