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Black cats and crankiness

2You guys,  I think chocolate milk makes me cranky.

Because I didn’t care that the weather suddenly decided to be 70+ again on the day I wanted to wear a super fall outfit — in fact, at the store I was thinking what a beautiful day it was– until I had the chocolate milk. And now I’m irritated about it. And I’m hot. And tired. And my stomach hurts. *insert pouting lip here*

Okay, so maybe I’m intolerant to milk; I know this already, even though I have it in my coffee. And it’s probably more the milk that’s making me cranky than the chocolate (I hope), but still. I’ve always believed the reports that sugar and dairy and other foods can definitely affect kids’ behavior (evidenced by the attitude adjustment of one of my best friend’s son after she started changing the way he ate), but I’m an adult! I can eat what I want! Right?


4 Today is (now) just one of those days where I want to complain about everything. The dishes that aren’t done, the heat, the fact that my boobs cannot be contained by these buttons, the spider in the bathroom…

But at the same time, realizing how whiny I am getting in my mind makes me roll my eyes at myself in amusement. I’m going to blame the chocolate milk for making me behave like a child.Maybe I should take a nap.


In other news, I’m really glad my husband shares my preferences when it comes to my hair color and length, because I texted him that I felt like dyeing my hair darker, and he said “good idea.”

I’ve always preferred myself with a shade or two darker hair than my natural color (which you can only really see at the top 2 inches of my hair; the rest is lighter because I was blonde this summer), and thankfully he likes the darker hair too. And fall is the perfect time to go darker!

So, after I figure out how to enter the bathroom without being murdered by the spider, I’ll be dyeing my hair dark again! (Which, if you didn’t know, hair dye is perfectly safe once you’re in the 2nd trimester. They say it’s probably safe in the 1st trimester, too, but to be safe wait till you’re further along.)

7 Although, I have been enjoying the highlight and almost ombre effect the leftover bleach mixed with the fading dye job has given me. But it’s time to go dark again. Bonus to dyeing my hair darker: it will get smoother and shinier. And that’s always good.

9 So I briefly mentioned how much I love this leaf necklace from Oasap in my last post (added as an afterthought, actually), but oh: so in love. It’s supposed to be adjustable via pulling on two ends that slide the ribbon tighter or looser, but I kinda-sorta almost broke the necklace that way, so I decided to untie the tightening/loosening contraption and just have it be a tie-on necklace instead. It’s much easier to get on that way.

Otherwise, though, I LOVE this necklace! I’ve been so blessed to get to work with Oasap, because they have some amazing accessories and clothes for fall and I’m having way too much fun beefing up my wardrobe with actual seasonal wear. I’ve never been a very good seasonal shopper until recently.


Excuse the strained buttons. I love this shirt too much to not wear it again until after I’m pregnant. That’s probably a  bad thing, since the middle button likes to pop open in public, but um… oh well. 11

I’m getting SO excited for pumpkins this year! I want to make pumpkin pie, and A Beautiful Mess’s PSL syrup, and pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds (so good)… everything pumpkin. The first place that has pumpkins for a good price, I am so getting one. And then our house will be pumpkin-fied.

And of course, this obsession is partly just fall excitement, but also I’m pretty sure it has to do with me being pregnant and craving every sort of squash, zucchini, and pumpkin out there.

6 Leaf Pendant Drawstring Necklace c/o Oasap | Shirt, originally H&M, skirt, and heels: thrifted | Ring: Forever 21 | Tights: Target

Tip for pregnant women who want to wear tights and can’t find good maternity ones: the tights that are a stretchy open-knit pattern like this all the way up to the waist are WAY more roomy than regular tights! I’ll be on the search for some cute maternity tights regardless, but in a pinch regular stretchy knit tights like this work really well!

How are you all preparing for fall? I finally got our downstairs looking more like I’ve wanted it to (aka cohesively decorated and not messy), and I have a completely “fall” display of red, orange, brown and black books (and Dracula), dried red roses, dried dead plants, and branches, and a little squash on my table. I love it.

I finally feel like I can actually take pictures of our living space and show it to you. Funny, because we’re thinking of moving to a better house when our lease is up (one with a bathtub, and more windows, and better closets). At least now I know how I like things arranged for when/if we move!

Happy Thursday!


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  • Jamie Rose

    I’m so pumped for pumpkin everything too. I keep seeing fall recipes on pinterest and I’m pinning way too many of them. I’ll never be able to try them all!
    As for naps. They make everything seem better so they’re usually a good idea.
    Also this outfit is so adorable and fall-ish. I love the cat print on your dress and the cool pattern on those tights. Your leaf necklace is absolutely awesome too!

  • Rubee Best

    I love the cat print. I’ve got a dress that I still keep wearing even though it pops open! I think I may have to relegate it to my post pregancy pile of clothes soon! As for tights I got some amazing maternity ones from asos here in the uk. They’re so good I just ordered another pair. I just wish they were a little cheaper and came in more colous! Hope your hair turned out well. X

  • Becca Lee

    Super cute! I’m excited to see your darker hair! I guess fall just makes us want to darken up our hair! It’s kind of funny, I’ve almost forgotten that I’ve dyed my hair and just feel like this is the color it’s supposed to be! I’m excited to hear about all of your pumpkin recipes!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Amia

    Oh my gosh a laughed when you said the chocolate milk made you cranky! Chocolate milk should make you happy (but since you’re milk intolerant maybe not!) I adore your tights and I’ve seen your darker hair on instagram, I love it!

  • H.

    Why are you always putting your hands on your belly in every single outfit post? It’s a tiny bit annoying, and it’s not like one can’t tell your pregnant…

    • Eccentric Owl

      1. I think it’s an unconscious pregnant woman reflex. Lotsa pregnant moms do it, on camera or off. Plus, the belly itches, aches, and the baby moves, so it’s natural to touch.
      2. Hands on the belly is the only way to show physical love for the baby right now.
      3. I tend to not know what to do with my hands, and most of the time don’t even realize I’ve done it a ton until I’m looking through pictures
      4. For details, it’s the easiest way to show off rings/bracelets/whatever else is on my hands; I used to bring them waist-high for detail shots previous to being pregnant, so it’s a natural resting place.

      Sorry that it annoys you, H.! You can always skip the style posts till after January, and there’ll be no more bump to lay hands on.

    • Eccentric Owl

      I try to blog nicely and crap like this comment gets onto my blogs. Why? Because people have different interests, that’s why. Have a great time researching info on cats and milk!