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Makeup Look: 1960’s Twiggy

Ever since I’ve sort of made the commitment to more retro styles, I’ve realized a very important thing: it all starts with your head. Whether it’s a hat, makeup, earrings, whatever, I’ve noticed that in order for someone to look totally ensconced in a look, their head has to match what they’re wearing. And I love this. It means I get to do all sorts of fun makeup looks. Today, I want to show you how to do an easy 1960’s mod makeup, inspired by (or totally copying) this picture of Twiggy.

As with all of my makeup looks, I should probably  mention I only know what I’ve taught myself or learned from YouTube, and I rarely (if ever) use expensive makeup because I can’t afford it.


For the look, you will need: foundation, concealer, and primer (optional); dark brown shadow, bronze shadow, and a highlighter shade (I used Nutmeg, Copper Craze, and Champagne Fizz); dark brown eyeliner and mascara ; orange lipstick, pink lipstick; eyebrow powder (optional), and a light bronzer. (I’ve linked all of my products, so click to see what I used, or feel free to find shades that especially suit you!)

Let’s get started!


Begin with your usual foundation and concealer, and primer if you use one. I didn’t use any blush with this, because there is so much in the eyes and the lips that we really don’t need more color on the cheeks! I did, however, apply a light bronzer last minute in its place, so you can apply that now, or wait until later.


Apply your highlighting shade from the lash line to your brow bone. This shade should only be one or two shades lighter than your skin, and a teeny bit shimmery. To add just a little bit of warmth, take a bit of your bronze shadow and blend it just up to your crease. But don’t use a ton!


This will look messy at first, but it’s okay: with your dark brown shadow, press a line into your crease, starting where it begins below your eyebrow and ending where it ends at the inside corner of your eye, and making sure that it’s darker on the outside corners. Next, take your eyeliner and draw a line from the inside corner to about midway in your crease. If you have a really soft liner, this may result in some fallout, but you can wipe that away. And it will look messy. But no worries, because next you’ll take your regular shadow brush, and buff all that color down towards your lash line.

Make sure not to go up with this color at all; it should be a pretty visible line, but once you’ve finished buffing the color will fade nicely into your lighter shadows.


Still with your liner, line your entire lash line (from the very inside corner all the way out) and flick upwards to meet the brown shadow in your crease at the outside corner. If you like, you can also line under your lower lashes. Then, with your dark brown shadow and a liner brush (or I use my eyebrow brush, in which case you should probably do your brows first), press some shadow over the liner to set it.


Add mascara, going especially heavy on your lower lashes, and apply a light bronzer as you would your blush. (As you can see, I totally forgot about my cheeks until after everything else. Ha!)


Here’s the really fun detail: on your lower lip, apply a light pink lipstick (and liner, if you have it). On your upper lip, apply orange lipstick (and liner, again, if you have it) for a little bit of a quirk to your usual lip shade. They’ll probably blend together after a while, but hey! It’s still a fun look!


And you are done! Don’t worry, the liner in your crease is definitely supposed to look like that. Something I really love about this makeup is that it really emphasizes your eyes; I noticed when I was done that my eyes looked even bigger, and it’s so much fun! I absolutely love this style of eye makeup and I might permanently adopt it, especially when I want to look a bit more polished and retro.


And doing this makeup totally and completely decided my outfit for the day, which you all saw on Monday.

I hope you all enjoyed this look, and have fun trying it!

Happy Thursday!


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