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28 weeks

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Yesterday, I was browsing through my Pinterest board of old outfits, and I came across a few images that made me really miss not being pregnant. I started to feel all those silly feelings you get when you see a skinnier version of yourself– less glamorous, less confident, less beautiful — and you guys, all of those feelings are ridiculous. So I decided I was going to do a glamorous maternity shoot with myself, to remind me why I love being pregnant.

But as I was getting ready, searching for an outfit to wear, trying out different hair and makeup, nothing really felt right. Every time I thought about what a beautiful maternity shoot looks like to me, it wasn’t about being super glamorous. It was about simplicity, focusing on the love between a mother and her growing child, with no fussy outfits, crazy jewelry, or heavy makeup to distract from that.

So I ended up with this. Me, the simplest clothes I have, and the woods.

I think every pregnant woman should have at least one shoot like this, where everything is pared down to just her and her child. It’s fun to do beauty shoots, and you should definitely do those as well, but there’s something special about these types of pictures. Looking at them, I feel more beautiful than if I had been all done up with fancy hair and makeup, a perfect outfit, and heels.

It reminds me of what a beautiful blessing pregnancy is. What an amazing miracle of life God has created. Conception and pregnancy seem so insanely impossible if you know the details, how incredibly precise and perfect everything has to be to create a baby. From the very beginning, there are so many things that can go wrong, so many little tiny orchestrations that have to perform exactly right, whether it be in the body or the mind or God’s timing, everything has to be… perfect.

Yet here I am, blessed beyond compare with a pregnancy that has been exceptionally wonderful, and nothing has gone wrong. It’s such an amazing thing. 11

I hope you all have a beautiful Friday!


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