Meet the Sponsors

Happy Friday, everyone! I am super excited to introduce two of my new sponsors today, because they are both absolutely wonderful!

First up, there’s Amia from Teapots and Belles, who has a delightful retro sense of style and is the sweetest girl ever! She seriously has a closet full of clothes that I desperately want to borrow (or steal permanently!) Plus, she wears a lot of flowers in her hair, which you all know I love to do. So basically,  I think she should move over here so we can trade off styles.


I really love reading Amia’s blog and drooling over her beautiful retro dresses. Isn’t she the cutest? This floral dress of hers is probably one of my top favorites, as is the really, really cute print of this skirt, and the fact that she did an I Love Lucy inspired outfit for Halloween? So perfect. That apron is adorable.

And then there’s Shop Vintage Minnie, who has the most amazing vintage shop! I spend hours perusing her store, and I basically just need a disposable income solely to buy all of the vintage dresses. She has so many things that would be absolutely PERFECT for fall!

My favorites are this 50’s floral rose dress (the print! I could die), this beautifully fall plaid 70’s coat (you all know I can’t resist plaid), and this gorgeous, gorgeous 80’s floral dress with a cutout back. The back KILLS me. If I was not pregnant, I would snatch it up instantly.


I’m so happy to have these two on board with me, and I’m really excited for you to discover Amia’s perfect retro style and Minnie’s amazing shop.

Also, I cannot WAIT to share the dress Minnie sent me to style. I’m wearing it today, and I kid you not a woman at the grocery store came up to me and wanted to take a picture because she liked the dress so much.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!


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