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    Weekend Favorites, featuring Bijou Vintage Bazaar

    1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 I have been feeling crampy for two days now, and I’m getting impatient for this baby to come! So while I’m sitting around waiting for a baby to arrive, what better to distract myself with than pretty vintage, quirky household items, and pretty accessories? Bijou Vintage Bazaar, as you can see, has all of these! I have been dying to find some cute household additions, and I absolutely love the things she has listed! That pot in particular is the cutest. I really want to add some personal, retro touches to my decorating via mismatched dishes and cookware. Well, once we get a bigger house, anyway. Our cupboards are…

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    Meet the Sponsors!

    It’s January! And what better way to spend the day after New Years lying around, recovering from a late night, and browsing pretty clothes? Hopefully looking at all of these pretty shops will hold you over until I get back from vacation. I’m so excited to introduce a new sponsor, as well as reacquaint you with a few old ones. Happy browsing! Bijou Vintage Bazaar is my newest sponsor, and if you can’t tell just by looking at the banner, her shop is FULL of adorable items! There’s a very small-town charm to the items stocked here, and I can just imagine strolling around a country fair in something like…

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    Weekend Dreaming with Better Dresses Vintage

    If ever there was a site that made me wish I had an expendable income, Better Dresses Vintage is it. Liza finds some of the most amazing vintage dresses I have ever seen, and they definitely are worth every penny! You might recognize the name from the dress she sent me that I wore for my first day of Dressember, which I adore to no end. I’m so lucky to be working with her! 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 These are a few of my favorites from her dresses. I cannot get over the beautiful florals, the full skirts, the dreaminess of that last one… oh, my goodness. I can just imagine twirling around…

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    Meet the Sponsors

    Oh my goodness, you guys: it’s December. I can’t believe it! And what better way to hail in the month than to introduce you to a plethora of beautiful vintage shops? My sponsors this month are all amazing. Every single shop has an irresistible collection of vintage clothing, and I literally spend hours going through and wishing I could just buy everything. Plus, every single shop owner has been so much fun to talk to and work with! I couldn’t have asked for better sponsors! First up, since I just styled this gorgeous vintage skirt she sent me, is Cut and Chic vintage. Joanna, the shop’s owner, has cultivated a…

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    Weekend Wishlist, featuring Sunday Millie

    It’s been so gray and rainy lately, what better way to spend the Saturday than dreaming about all the pretty florals in Sunday Millie’s shop? Seriously, this beautiful vintage shop has SO many dresses I would love to snatch up, and her prices are incredibly affordable to boot! It’s fortunate for my wallet that my pregnant stomach prevents me from wearing everything she has, or I’d pretty much take it all. 1/2/3 I think my mind has been on spring lately! What with the blue and red dresses and this darling skirt (the geraniums! Oh, it kills me how cute that skirt is), and then the pastel numbers below; my…

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