Summer afternoon

3 13 I think this weekend is bringing on the (temporary) end of the beautiful weather we’ve had; it’s been cloudy all day today. But it might still be warm. Even with the clouds, yesterday was really, really nice. I make my family eat outside because it was way too nice to be indoors. Plus, I love a good outdoor table setting! 9 I foresee a lot of outdoor eating this summer. My parents have a gorgeous yard with a bunch of fruit and nut trees for cover, and the ground is relatively flat. Perfect for doing lots of fun things outside! I really want to host an old-fashioned yard party, with bocce ball and croquet and hanging lights in the trees… ah, that would be so fun! 7Today, all Asa has wanted to do is sit up or stand. He thinks he’s so cool. It’s hilarious because he’s sort of learning to sit up himself, but still definitely needs a lot of support, and he gets super excited to be sitting up or standing up so he wobbles around and startles himself and then thinks it’s funny. This boy. I love him. He gets sillier and sillier as he gets older!

And his favorite thing right now is to be outside. He laughs and coos and talks to the trees, and kicks at the grass, and gets so giggly. It’s so fun! I can’t wait to go camping next month with my family; he’s going to love it!198 I’m so excited that this skirt fits me again! It’s got a pretty small waist, so I couldn’t wear it at all throughout pregnancy, and then for the last three months even though I lost all the baby weight, my waist was wider than it used to be. Until now!

I’m going to start the couch to 5k on Monday, no matter what! The other day, my husband said “The hardest job to finish is the one you never start” and it motivated me to just… do it. I’m never going to have stamina and strong legs if I don’t get up and go, so I’ve just got to buckle down and get out there. Especially since we live in a great place to take walks and jogs and I could do it with a stroller.6 5 This weekend is going to be so busy; we have a tea party, my brother will be in town, my husband is working on cabinets and a table for someone… so much to do! I’m also still trying to get organized and unpacked, and (don’t judge) I really need to schedule Asa for his first visit to the pediatrician.

Yes, he is almost four months old and has yet to see any doctors other than the midwife. Oops! He’s good and healthy, though, so I haven’t worried about it much, even though I probably should. 14 15 16

Do you all have any plans for this weekend? I’m super excited for tomorrow, because my cousins and I are having a spring tea party and I plan to wear the gorgeous eShakti dress to it, since theme is spring with birds and flowers. Perfect, right?

We’ve been having tea parties for years, and they’re always so fun! Delicious food, pretty teacups, fun company… what’s not to love? I really want to host a summer party on the lawn. It would be way fun. 2

Thrifted tee, headscarf, and vintage skirt | Heart sunglasses c/o Oasap | Gift watch and earrings | Target wedge sandals

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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