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It’s here! This last weekend, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I worked hard to get some listings going, and after consultation with a friend and also some posts on Facebook, I decided to open up shop today! I’m pretty excited about this. For some reason, I almost love finding and styling vintage to sell better than finding and styling vintage to keep. It’s just a really fun process, and I’ve always enjoyed the behind-the-scenes process of styling, shopping, and photographing for things other than personal style.

So, what can you expect to pop up in the shop? Well. Right now there are nine items up, most of which are skirts. Hopefully later today or tomorrow, more things will be added in; I seriously have around 30 garments (at least) waiting to be photographed and listed, but it’s raining and indoor lighting is bad, so it’ll have to wait!Owl and the Boy Vintage | www.eccentricowl.comOwl and the Boy Vintage |


There will definitely be a lot of patterns, because you know me and I love some patterns. There will also be lots of warm, wooly type skirts for winter, lots of plaids, and also some really fun, flowing skirts that can transition perfectly through any season if you’ve got a good pair of tights and some nice warm boots!

Also, pockets. Lots of skirts with pockets. That is a total selling point for me, if a dress or skirt has pockets, and it’s something I actually look for when I’m vintage-hunting.

Owl and the Boy Vintage | I will be doing my best to only list items that are not damaged, and are good quality, sturdy, and just, you know, pretty. But there might be the rare garment missing a button, or with a small stain; those flaws will be listed, photographed, and reflected in the price. If I would — and did — buy it despite its (easily fixable, always!) flaws, then I figure it’s worth putting up. Owl and the Boy Vintage |


That paisley skirt (number 7) already has a few favorites, and I feel like it might be the first thing to go. If it fit me, I would definitely keep it.

I will be trying to style whatever I can, so that y’all can see what it looks like in real life, but also have item-only images so you can imagine your own outfits. I did a lot of polls to figure out what people prefer to see, and mostly got “both!” so… there you go!

Owl and the Boy Vintage |


Most of the items hover around the 70’s and 80’s, with a rare 90’s item and the occasional 60’s grab. Overall, the vibe of the shop will definitely be directed towards lots of pattern and color, especially plaids, florals, and polkadots, and items that can be worn super-retro, or more modern depending on your preference!

But there will also be a few items that are just… completely crazy vintage. Because I can’t pass up the total 70’s hippie dress or the incredibly 80’s prom gowns. Shoot me.

Size ranges will hopefully be pretty wide; I always get frustrated with vintage shops where everything is really small, but I think I tend to gravitate towards the era of vintage where sizing starts to get bigger anyway, so hopefully there will always be something for any size!

And right now, sadly, I can only ship to the US. If things really pick up, I’ll definitely open up to shipping elsewhere, but since it’s just starting and I’m not sure how well it will do, I’m going to keep it simple. But hey, if you desperately need the garment and are willing to pay the (stupidly) high shipping costs to get it, let me know and I’ll work it out!

So! I hope you enjoy browsing, even if you don’t buy anything, and let me know what you think! I really appreciate all of the advice you guys gave me and the issues you helped me solve as I set up shop. It’s the best to have a community ready to help me jump in and do the best I can to get things going!

Happy Tuesday!

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  • Heather-Joan Carls

    Just checked in and favorited your shop, Kristina. What a great start! Looking forward to seeing what comes in the future and hoping to see larger sizes, especially XL, XXL, 18, etc.
    Hope you and your lil one are doing well. Have a good one 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      Hi Heather! Thank you! I really hope to stock larger sizes for sure; it is hard to find older vintage (aka 70’s or before) in larger sizes, since I think people naturally ran smaller, the further back it gets, but right around the 70’s and 80’s sizing started to get bigger, and that’s the vintage I tend to love anyway! And I always look through ALL sizes, so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for anything no matter what size!

      • Heather-Joan Carls

        Yes, I wish the 60s clothing ran bigger because I just love the true vintage hippy/bohemian skirts and dresses style. The 70s and 80s skirts and dress aren’t too bad. Our thrift stores do not have any vintage clothing. Just all modern stuff. Our little city burb just has the Salvation Army and St. Paul. I would love to get up to Buffalo and troll their stores. I bet because Buffalo is more diverse and a bigger area, they may have a much larger selection than our tiny stores. I will keep watching your store for sure.

        • Eccentric Owl

          Oh, me too! Most of the 60’s stuff I find is just a bit too small for me, especially in the hip area. I just listed a dress that I’ve been keeping for ages because I just… really want it to fit me, but it probably never will. It’s a few inches too small all over, and the only way I got it on was with the help of some good shaping garments, haha! Oh well.
          I tend to look for those one-era-does-another looking things, so I’m hoping to stock some items that can be dupes for an older era.

          I do have the dress from this post that I’m thinking about selling:
          It’s a true 1960’s more hippie style(at the time of the post I thought it was 70’s, but after more research I’m pretty sure it’s 60’s), and it runs a few inches large on me. But I don’t know if I quite have the heart to let it go yet.

          • Heather-Joan Carls

            Yes. I remember the dress. It looked nice on you. If it fit you well during your pregnancy, then I would keep it to wear as a maternity dress. Or if you are a good seamstress, you could try to take it in. It really is a beautiful dress. ツ