Borrowing | One of the nice things about having photographed the vintage in my shop is that on rainy days like today, I can borrow the pictures for an outfit post! This is how I’ve always imagined wearing this skirt, but it doesn’t fit me (it’s a few inches too small in the waist.) The delicate colors just had to be worn with this lace top, and  when I went to style the outfit for the shop, I immediately knew what I’d do.

Of course, you can’t see that it’s not actually buttoned, thanks to the belt, but uh… yep. Borrowing | I feel like my hair is very mermaid in this post. I had worn it up and half braided all day, and didn’t brush it at ALL before pictures… and surprisingly I like the way it looks. It’s finally starting to fade, after three weeks of brightness, and my roots are beginning to show themselves. I am thinking in another week or two I’ll refresh the color, but I’m pretty impressed with it even now. Even though it’s fading, it’s still a nice auburn-y color, and still unmistakably on the red side.  Borrowing |  I feel like I might talk about the shop a lot for a while, but I am having a lot of fun styling, photographing, and listing items. I’m impatient for the rain to let up, because I have quite a few larger items (as in, things that are my size and up) that I really, really want to get posted. I intend to always look for every size, not just sizes that would fit me or someone smaller. I feel like there’s a serious lack of vintage stores for more normal sized women; I partly understand, because most vintage runs smaller pre-70’s and the further back you go (I think people just ran smaller back then), but there are still great pieces from the 70’s and 80’s that look older and can be total dupes for an earlier era in more wearable sizes.Borrowing |  So keep an eye out, because hopefully soon I’ll be stocking my bigger items! Borrowing | Borrowing |

And this skirt… I intended to keep. But, you know, after babies… things don’t quite fit the same. Oh well! Borrowing |

Vintage skirt, available here | Kohl’s lace peplum top (old) | Thrifted heels and belt | Payless bag | Target necklace

I hope you are all having a good week! Happy Wednesday!

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  • dani

    You’re just too cute! I always loved having a vintage shop because it was like having a second wardrobe that was constantly having new pieces added to it! I totally wore things from the shop to work on an almost daily basis… I mean, it’s so hard to resist!