Two (or three) Years in pictures

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Three years ago tomorrow, I walked towards a coffee shop with a heart full of “what if?” — what if this didn’t work out? What if he wasn’t the one? What if I’d made the wrong decision? What if I should never have given him my phone number? I was terrified.

Because while I knew and admired his family from afar, I had no idea what he was really like other than the pictures on his Facebook profile and a month-long conversation on Facebook full of talk about Lord of the Rings and writing and short films. I didn’t even know if I thought he was cute. He wouldn’t even LOOK at me in church (he hates that I won’t let that die, too.)

And then I saw him. His hands were shaking, my stomach was balled up in a knot, and I’m pretty sure I talked more then than I have ever talked in my life. For three (or four?) hours, we walked around the harbor and talked. He danced to music on the street, and for a straight thirty minutes the only coherent thought in my head was how absolutely cute I thought he was.

At the end of the night, I knew. I knew this was the one for me. I knew it had been the right decision. Three weeks later, I knew I loved him. Steadily, quietly, with the realization that life would be incomplete without him, I knew.

Two years ago today, we got married. I had no doubts, no nerves, no fears, nothing but an eagerness to get up there and say my vows. Some people thought it was awfully quick, to get married only one year after our first date, after only one year of really knowing each other, but I think it was just right.

So far, I still have no doubts. We are not perfect people, but for each other, we are just right. I get more butterflies now than I did when we were dating. I think he’s more attractive now than he was then. I get giddy thinking about our future together. The places we’ll go, the things we’ll do, the kids we’ll have, the life we’ll live. It may not be a particularly exciting one to anyone else, but to me, every day is a wonderful adventure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy anniversary, my darling. I’ll love you forever.