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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately! This second pregnancy seems much harder to me than the first one was. I’ve been madly nauseated for about three weeks now, and some days even throwing up — which always made me feel better with Asa — doesn’t help. So most weekends we don’t take outfit pictures, because I’m too sick (or it rains too much), and at this point I don’t even care to get dressed most days. It doesn’t help that this time around I also feel more fat than pregnant, and nothing I have with me right now really fits.

We are moving back in with my parents at the end of this month, though, and I am looking forward to that. Having my mom around all day will be incredibly helpful for the rest of the first trimester, especially.

I do have a few things I am working on, though! Once we move back to my parents, I plan to do a huge closet cleanout and I’m thinking about listing the clothing I plan to get rid of for either a flat everything-goes-for-one-price, or a pay-what-you-want-to price. My items on Etsy will most likely go into this pile; it’s been almost four months with no sales (lots of favorites, though), and I have to evaluate whether it’s worth it to stay on Etsy and list more, or go back to Storenvy, where listing was free.

I’m also working on an official Storybook Photography website! This year already I’ve booked at least six photoshoots, two of which are weddings (well, I did one already) and I think it’s time I set up as an official business. So, I’m figuring out what licensing I need, setting up an official site that will have its own blog for my photography, creating portfolios of my work, and gearing up to make Storybook Photography more than just a hobby. My husband and I are planning to work as a team on this, and we’re both pretty excited about it!

Other than that, though, I plan to rest a lot until I start feeling better. I’ll be honest: right now, I hate being pregnant. Last time, my nausea was limited to afternoons on workdays, and I was nowhere near this tired… and the baby bump felt much more like a baby bump. Also, I could eat pretty much anything except for peanut butter and bread. This time, almost all foods make me nauseous except for fruits and potato chips, I’m sick all day long no matter what, and I’ve already gained about ten pounds.

I definitely feel like complaining about it a lot. But I’m trying to stay positive: the second trimester is three weeks away, and hopefully by then I’ll be feeling better!

Until then, though, I may only post very sporadically. But don’t worry: I’m still alive, and not planning on quitting the blog any time soon!

I hope you are all doing well!


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  • Pam

    Sorry you are having such a rough time. I am only at six weeks, so just slight nausea. I can’t believe how tired I am. I have never napped so much in my life. Hope you feel better soon!

  • jacquelinefrey

    i’m so sorry it’s been so rough this time for you, kristina! perhaps asa is going to have a wee sister?… (*wink.*) an old wives tale, but my girl pregnancies were harder on me than my son’s. hang in there and get as much rest as you can! Xx

  • Mom

    I’m sorry you’re feeling so sick! I, too, am looking forward to being able to help you out more while you live here! Hoping this time it is a girl and that is why your pregnancy is so hard. You were the hardest on me! : )

  • Elizabeth Murdock

    I hope your nausea is over soon and that you’re feeling better. xx

  • Jessy

    Pregnancies once you are a mum are much harder – you no longer have just yourself to look after, so getting enough rest and making sure that you do eat whenever food is more palatable is that much less likely to happen. I did find with mine (4) that keeping in mind the fact that the sickness was a direct result of those wonderful hormones that were helping make sure my pregnancy would continue safely, was really helpful in making it more bearable. I wish you a complete end to the sickness once you’re in to the 2nd semester!