Vintage novelty-print, polka-dots, and purple lipstick

Vintage novelty-print, polka-dots, and purple lipstick | www.eccentricowl.comVintage novelty-print, polka-dots, and purple lipstick | This week, I discovered a new drugstore brand of makeup called Milani, whose matte lipsticks are kind of divine. I bought four in two days, even though I rarely wear lipstick, and… well… now I’m obsessed. So I’m challenging myself (and anyone who wants to jump in for however long) to wear a different color of lipstick every day this week (all seven days) including the four new colors I bought, plus three older favorites. You can see all of the lipsticks here along with the names and brands they are.

I decided to start out with this purple lipstick because… well… why not? Jamie of Petite Panoply has a killer lipstick game (like, seriously, black lipstick, blue lipstick… yeah), and has been inspiring me to step out of my standard rut of reds and mauves for more unusual shades. I originally bought this color for my mom, on whom it looks much less bright due to her darker coloring, but when I stole it to try it on, I knew I needed one for myself.Vintage novelty-print, polka-dots, and purple lipstick | Vintage novelty-print, polka-dots, and purple lipstick | I’m so in love. The matte shades from the Milani range tend to stay on a lot better than most lipsticks I’m used to, although this purple doesn’t fade quite as nicely as the pink that I got, probably because it doesn’t really blend as well into my lips, so you can tell more where it wears off. But it still lasted through breakfast and lunch (about six hours) before I needed a refresher, which I think is pretty impressive! Especially for a lipstick that costs under $7.  Vintage novelty-print, polka-dots, and purple lipstick | Vintage novelty-print, polka-dots, and purple lipstick |

I am excited to create makeup looks around the lipsticks for the week; I am probably most intimidated by nude lipstick, but I found a nude (Milani again) color that I actually love, so this week I’ll tackle wearing it without looking too washed out. I swore I would never be a nude lip person because the colors I’ve seen and tried have been so pale and unflattering, but now I’m a convert. Vintage novelty-print, polka-dots, and purple lipstick |

Dress, vintage/thrifted | cardigan and tights, target | belt, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth | lipstick, Milani Matte Glam | glasses, c/o Firmoo

What lipsticks do you tend to gravitate towards? Personally, my standard lipcolors are bright reds, bright pinks, or just clear lip balms.

Aaand there’s an entire post devoted to lipstick. Haha! I hope you all have a great start to your week! I promise my next post will not be all about makeup. I think.

By the way, I’m sorry for the slight out-of-focus full body images; they looked focused on my camera. Ugh.


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  • Hannah Rupp

    First, I thought the out of focus pictures were a creative choice and barely noticed. Kudos to you!

    Secondly, I absolutely love your challenge! I saw your mini review on Facebook and had to smile because I’ve heard so many good things about Milani recently. I get it, universe, I need to buy some!

    There’s really no lip color I shy away from except for those in the rainbow range (blue, green, and gold). Actually, I’ve currently got coral on my lips! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with. 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      Haha! Well, I’m glad they came across that way, although I rarely do out-of-focus pictures creatively because it bothers me. Unless it’s really, really out of focus. 😀

      GET SOME. They’re cheaper than L’oreal and Revlon and I think they have better colors, and… y’know, you need to. You DO have a great lipstick game, I must say. I always look at your blog and think “man, I need to wear more lipstick.” Thus, this week!
      Coral is one of my favorites!

  • dani

    I love how retro and colorful this is! And I love Milani lipstick – I think it’s marketed for women of color, so the shades are really rich hues specially for darker skin – but I wore it anyway! I love a bold pop of color!

  • Emily

    That DRESS!!! That whole outfit – love it! I was in a total lipstick rut for years (all I ever wore were reds or maroons) but have prompted myself to break out of it. I was surprised how fresh pink lipstick looked to me after years of dark, heavy reds! But I always smile the most when I have a dark shade on my lips – it just feels the most like “me.” I am totally going to try Milani (I am all about affordable drugstore makeup, by which I mean it’s the only makeup I have ever bought) – maybe I will work up the nerve to try the purple you are wearing here!

  • Dorothy Bell

    Wow! You’re absolutely one of the most gorgeous pregnant women I met online.
    Love the dress and the shoes looks so adorable.
    I’m not really into bold color lipstick but I think the lipstick looks great on you especially pairing it up with the outfit.

  • Jamie Rose // Petite Panoply

    You’re so sweet to mention me in this post! I just love lipstick and life’s too short to wear boring makeup (unless you truly love boring makeup)! I love this purple shade on you and went to the store to get it but they were sold out. I went with their matte orange-y red shade and a light pink for now. When I see this I’m snatching it up!

    Jamie |