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Daily snaps: Baby in a Basket

Baby in a Basket | Baby in a Basket | I’m still trying to figure out a good “name” for daily life snapshots, because my categorical mind needs a label for these posts. Any ideas?

Today I’ve been limiting my internet usage a LOT, due partly to Asa’s dropping his morning nap, and also to the fact that I realized I will never regret spending more time with my kids and less time on the internet or watching TV. My goal is to only ever be online when Asa is sleeping, but right now he’s awake and playing by himself, so I’ve got some free time.Baby in a Basket | Baby in a Basket |

Today has been laundry day plus packing away all of Asa’s 12 month clothes. He’s finally growing out of them, which makes me a little sad, only because he’s not a baby any more. He’s done with his bottle, he’s done with first year clothes, he eats more than I do, he’s working on walking, he knows how to ask for things (signing)… he’s turning into a little boy. There was a point in between 5 months and 12 months that I just didn’t want him to get bigger, but now that he’s getting that walking and communicating independence, I’m getting over the “no, please don’t grow up!” stage and into the “start saying actual words!” phase. He already talks up a storm, even though he doesn’t know how to say anything.

He’s also getting a temper, which has been kind of funny. He gets frustrated and screams at things. Thankfully, he cools down after a few seconds and carries on like nothing happens. I’m hoping his short-lived temper tantrums continue to be just that — short lived. Otherwise, we’ve got trouble on our hands!

I hope you are all having a good Monday!


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    • Eccentric Owl

      That used to be my old blog name, WAY back in the day (like 6 years ago). I’ve been trying to avoid using that, though, as it’s a very commonly used phrase. Good suggestion though!

  • Francesca

    In Anne of Green Gables there is the quote, “The days slipped by like golden beads on the necklace of the year.” I’ve always thought that was a lovely simile, so maybe you could call them golden beads? It might be a bit obscure though!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Ooh, I love that. It might not quite fit the overall feel of the blog, but it DOES give me ideas! (And I wouldn’t care if it was obscure, it’s such a nice phrase!)