Polka dots, a headscarf, and (oh my goodness!) jeans

Polka dots, a headscarf, and jeans | www.eccentricowl.comPolka dots, a headscarf, and jeans |  I posted a picture of how we revealed the baby’s gender to our family on Instagram yesterday, and one of my Insta-friends commented “oh my gosh, you’re wearing jeans!” so I thought… maybe I should blog them more often. Because right now, I do wear jeans a lot. I’m starting to get to that “I feel like a whale in flared dresses” phase, so I prefer more fitted silhouettes, including (surprisingly) jeans.

But styling jeans in a retro way has always stumped me. How the heck do you do retro jean maternity wear?

This hair helps a lot, though! While I grow my bangs out, this might be my go-to lazy hair day hairstyle. I love the little roll in the front! Also, I’m getting really tempted to cut my hair a-la Southern California Belle, Butterfly Loves Snapdragons, and Vixen Vintage, so that I can style it a bit more retro with curls. So that might happen. Polka dots, a headscarf, and jeans | www.eccentricowl.comPolka dots, a headscarf, and jeans | Today, we’re visiting a lighthouse that my father-in-law manned back when he and my mother-in-law were first married. It’s the lighthouse’s 100 year anniversary, and he (and his family) has been invited as a special guest to the 100 year exhibit that is going on. I really love lighthouses, so I’m super excited to go visit and see it! They got to live in this lighthouse, which… so jealous. It would be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.  Polka dots, a headscarf, and jeans | Polka dots, a headscarf, and jeans | I’ve always wanted to live by the sea, which I think started my love for lighthouses. And then the fact that they’re just so pretty and unique in build, and that there are so many of them around this area… and, of course, they’re on Washington’s unique beaches (which are sometimes rock beaches, or grassy dunes), and the history of each building. Polka dots, a headscarf, and jeans |

Shirt, hand-me-down maternity | jeans, motherhood maternity | cardigan, Target | boots, Kohl’s | belt and scarf, thrifted

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures! My in laws also want me to do a photoshoot with them one Saturday when it’s sunny and looks like good photoshoot weather, which will be fun! But that’s not today.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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  • JennyOH

    I love the scarf!

    Have fun at the lighthouse – I used to be the curator for a historical society that had a lighthouse and keepers cottage as one of their properties. I got to climb it twice a day (oh boy were my legs in good shape!) and it was a pretty cool place to work. That’s neat that your dad in law was a keeper – is it very remote?

  • Hannah Rupp

    I love how jeans are such a novelty! I know I have almost given up posting them on my blog (my cousin actually thanked me for being one of the few bloggers who doesn’t wear jeans in every post) but in real life, I wear pants in some form a lot. I guess they don’t end up on my blog!

    I think you styled them well and still kept your vintage aesthetic in tact. Polka dots tend to do that to outfits though!

    I hope you have a blast at the lighthouse! There are none near me at all (thanks for nothing, Wisconsin!) but visiting one is on my bucket list. 🙂

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  • Sarah Bluett

    I am the same way with jeans – and only really got back into them while pregnant (somewhat ironically). You look fantastic in them! I am a sucker for anything with polka dots!