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Guest Post: Hannah, The Outfit Repeater

While I am away on maternity leave, I put out the call for some guest post action and a TON of amazing bloggers responded! Starting out the guest posts for the next two weeks is Hannah, who is part of Shaped by Style and was actually the push to get me contacting all the other ladies to make up our SBS group. She’s a fellow thrift-store addict, an 80’s lover, and just all around awesome girl! Also, THAT HAIR! Enjoy!

Do you remember those awful outfits your parents used to force you into wearing when you were growing up? I sure do!

It wasn’t that long ago when I, Hannah aka The Outfit Repeater, was a 90’s kid sporting questionable outfits made of floral print overalls and appliqued jeans. You might think I came out of the womb being stylish but I had to learn from my mother’s sartorial mistakes she made on me and eventually find my own way in fashion.

You must think I’m crazy going back to the looks of my childhood after all these years! Luckily I’ve picked up some tips & tricks that I’m going to share with you today to help you be inspired by your old photos without looking like an overgrown toddler.

1990s baby picture in oversized t-shirt and layers of necklaces

I chose this great shot of me pantless with a heavy stack of beaded necklaces that I no doubt snagged from my older sister. (Note the expression: It would be a few years before I’d perfect the ‘lost’ gaze that my profile picture demonstrates.)

How do I make this pantless look work for my life in 2015? Here’s 3 options:

Pull Elements From The Look

Find similar pieces in modern trends to pull just the elements from a look.

Focus on The Feeling of The Look

Make a new outfit that has the same feeling as the original. Be that happy, sad, or something else.

Wear The Looks As Is

Change nothing and just try to wear the outfit as is from the time of wearing. I would do that but I actually like wearing pants so I didn’t want to go this route.


Outfit: gray thrifted maxi dress, layered statement necklaces, gladiator sandals, purple hair

I chose to pull the elements from my baby picture.

At it’s core it’s is an oversized t-shirt and too many necklaces. My thrifted gray maxi t-shirt dress was how I interpreted my previously oversized t-shirt. Figuring out how to translate the necklaces was easy. I just stacked a couple of my favorite cheap statement necklaces together and voila! I’m no necklace stacking expert but I really dig this outcome.

Outfit details: layered statement necklaces, pink moto jacket

Outfit details: layered statement necklaces, pink moto jacket, purple pixie cut

I chose to elevate the look by adding a fun element that includes more of what my style is nowadays. I went with this snazzy neon pink moto jacket.

I’m still getting used to life with purple hair but am having fun playing with new color combinations in my outfits, like this one.

Outfit details: purple pixie haircut, pink moto jacket, layered statement necklacesOutfit: gray thrifted maxi dress, layered statement necklaces, pink moto jacket, purple pixie hair cut

Outfit details: Maxi dress, thrifted – Jacket, thrifted online – Necklaces, Wal-Mart/gift – Sandals, Wal-Mart

Now that you’ve seen my outfit and are equipped with new knowledge; you’re ready to break down any look (like those zany creations from New York Fashion Week?) and come up with your own awesome outfits.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Kristina for letting me guest post today! I’m glad to call her a friend and am just as excited as you are to watch her become a second time mother to a baby girl. Girls rule, just sayin’.

Keep up with me on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and don’t be shy to say ‘hi’ if you ever should see me at a thrift store. I practically live there!

Outfit details: purple pixie haircut, layered statement necklaces