Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming

Being in the final days of pregnancy has me really looking forward to unpacking the parts of my wardrobe that I’ve boxed up. There are a lot of things I can’t wait for outside of possibly dressing baby girl and myself to match (and my husband and Asa will probably also match us — side note, am I the only person who always finds it weird to call my husband by his name, whether on the blog OR in real life? We’ve always had nicknames for each other, and using full names is just weird.), and perhaps it seems a bit vapid to think about the clothes I’ll be able to wear again when I’m so close to having a new baby… but we like what we like.

Obviously I’m thrilled to have a baby and I cannot WAIT for her to be born. But I’m so impatient I’m trying to think about other things, and clothes are a good distraction during this “all I can do is sit and wait” period!

So I thought I’d do a little roundup of a few things I cannot WAIT to wear again.

Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming |

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Fit and Flare Dresses

Oh my, I feel like it’s been ages since I have worn any of these dresses, but I still own them all and I cannot wait to work them back into my life somehow. They may be a-few-hours-of-wear only, since I’ll be breastfeeding and none of these dresses allow easy access for that, but I will still wear them. Even if it’s just for a quickΒ  date with my main man. That yellow dress with those coral shoes remains one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn; I wish I still had those shoes! But they gave up the ghost a long time ago.

Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming |

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Flowy Skirts + Belts

If there’s a running theme so far, it’s the fact that I really miss my waist. I miss having a twirly skirt and adding a fun belt — a thing that’s pretty hard to do when you pass about 6 months pregnant. Your “waist” becomes more like “right under your boobs” and wearing twirly skirts starts to make you feel huge anytime you catch a look at yourself from the side. It could just be my personal experience, but even knowing that the bulk is caused by a pregnant belly and not an unwanted body shape doesn’t help much. When I’m pregnant I definitely prefer fitted garments, to avoid the “oh look, now I’m a whale!” syndrome. πŸ˜‰ Besides which, all of these skirts have waists that are too small for my pregnant self, even if I do allow them to ride up. I always heard from Style Guru’s (looking at you, What Not To Wear) that the smallest part of someone’s body is right under their ribs where an empire waist would fit, but that’s not true for me. My natural waist has always been 28-30″, while the empire-waist spot is 32-34″. So, you know. Proving that theory wrong.

Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming |

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Plaid Skirts

I have such a soft spot for a good plaid skirt. And this has a bit to do with fall, too — which I have avoided talking about because let’s face it: every blogger raves about fall. And pumpkin spice lattes. And pumpkin everything. So while I am looking forward to it since I’ve been pregnant and SO FREAKING HOT for most of this year, I’ll just stop there — but mostly because fall means I can pull out these beauties and actually wear them without dying of heat! All of my plaid skirts have smaller waistlines, so we might get more towards winter before I can really wear them comfortably again. And if that happens, I might have to go thrifting to find myself some good plaid skirts with bigger waistlines to allow for the waist that follows pregnancy that doesn’t bounce back right away (which is okay!). Because… plaid.

Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming |

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Colorful Tights

Okay, technically I was pregnant in one of those outfits, and I did wear tights through my pregnancy with Asa. But it is so much easier to wear a pair of tights when you don’t have belly to contend with! There’s less tugging and struggling going on — you know, tugging the tights up because technically they’re not maternity items (why don’t they sell good colorful MATERNITY tights?), struggling to get them on comfortably because… they’re not maternity… I tend to try to make everything work as much as I can through pregnancy, but this time around I’ve been pregnant all through the summer, so tights have not been on the roster! And now that we’ve had a few days of cool weather, I’m hoping it holds so I can have colorful legs again (not to mention, you don’t have to shave as much if you wear tights all the time.)

Β And a few outfits I can’t wait to try and recreate with what I have in my closet:

Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming |

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Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming |

4 // 5 // 6

Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming |

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Style Roundup: Postpartum Outfit Dreaming |

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Looking at all of these old outfits of mine and style inspirations, it’s pretty obvious I have a type. One peek at my Style Inspiration Pinterest board would tell you that. I do love a good flared skirt! And I am excited to make good use of my overabundant skirt wardrobe after the baby is born!

And I might also be making a few more skirts, and attempting my first DRESS. Which is intimidating, but I have nine yards of thrifted fabric to work with so if I don’t get it right the first time… I’ll have enough to try again.

What are you looking forward to wearing as seasons change, or as your life changes, or just… you want to try to recreate outfits?

Happy Wednesday!


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