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Guest Post: Skye, My Kingdom for a Hat

Skye is a blogger I’ve been following for what seems like forever, and it has been SO fun to watch her grow as a blogger! She constantly inspires me with her full-on vintage, her bright hair, and her amazing writing skills. What’s more, I love that she and I can be a prime example of how two people coming from completely different belief systems can still be good friends. We have so many things in common as lovers of fashion and vintage and femininity, and so many things we can discuss as intellectual opposites that there’s never a dull moment in our friendship! So be sure to visit her blog when you’re done here, because she is the tops!
Hey there! I’m Skye, the minx/maenad/mage behind My Kingdom for a Hat. I’ve been reading Kristina’s blog for years, and it’s kind of surreal that I now count as a friend someone who used to be a nigh-unapproachable blogging role model. They warn against meeting your heroes, but I dunno – it’s worked out pretty well for me.

In honor of the brand-new Evie Rose, I’m wearing one of my girliest dresses. Accessorized to perfect feminine pastiche, of course. I don’t really do subtle. I’m not one of those “vintage inspired” or “pop of color” bloggers. I do everything turned up to 11, and I like it that way.

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