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Guest Post: Heather, The Arbitrary Fox

Heather of The Arbitrary Fox is someone I found through Modcloth’s awesome style gallery. She’s girly and nerdy and absolutely gorgeous, and I have loved getting to know her through her blog — and seeing her beautiful family, too! I love it when other moms emerge with a great sense of style, and Heather might just be one of the most stylish mamas I know of! Plus, she is super sweet and personable. I really can’t say enough good things about her!

Hello there lovelies! I’m thrilled to be part of the ladies who got picked to be a guest blogger for the Eccentric Owl. It’s been a pleasure getting to know Kristina and see her style grow in the little time that I’ve known her. I’m constantly inspired by her more true take on everyday vintage fashion.

My name is Heather and I’m the happy creator of a little blog called The Arbitrary Fox. I have two beautiful girls and just celebrated my 12th, 12TH wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband. (Insert surprised emoji). I love fashion, I could talk fashion for hours but I’m also big into family, it’s my core. That’s one of the things I love about Kristina’s blog. I love bloggers who mingle their trade or theme with their real life. It makes the writer seem more relatable. And how about a huge congrats to Kristina and Nehemiah for their beautiful daughter, Evangeline Rose! She’s absolutely beautiful! Oh and can I just say that my husband’s name is Jedidiah! I’ve always found it amusing that both our husbands have similar unusual names.1

I had great plans to do something out of the ordinary and share a recipe. Unfortunately the world had other plans because plan A & B completely failed. Oh cruel world! Next time perhaps. So please forgive me and accept my express style written post.

Moving forward! I’ve not always been into fashion, it was something I kinda stumbled into. It was exactly what I needed. Being an at home mom can get pretty monotonous and wearing pjs all day is even worse! Finding fashion gave me confidence and something to look forward to. Even with a house full of kids and chaos I always try to make time to get dressed. You can always find an excuse but it’s worth sparing 15-30min at the very least!

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I also love how blogging has opened me up to a whole network of wonderful ladies who share the same interests as me. If you’re an at home mom you know how much that means. The friendships, the constant empowerment, and inspiration are priceless. All of you inspire me each and every day. Your style is constantly incorporated into my daily fashion. I like to think of my own style as a modern take on vintage fashion. Colorful, extremely girly, and a bit nerdy chic. I’m almost always in dresses or skirts, even in a wintry snow storm. I know I’m totally nuts!

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​ This last photo makes me chuckle. In the first photo, I asked Jedidiah to take a photo of me jumping. I say “On the count of three! 1…2…3…” “Uh you didn’t jump”, Jedidiah replied. I started laughing! I don’t know what happened. My brain said jump but my legs didn’t get the memo. So instead I look like I’m awkwardly squatting. I swear nothing strange is going on here! Eventually I remembered how to jump. I used to skip over all my outtakes even though they were my favorite. To be honest they were most of my film. But now I embrace my weirdness. I’m not the serious person my photos make me out to be.

Thank you for having me on your blog Kristina! I hope everyone enjoyed my scattered thoughts!
Take Care & Enjoy,


Glasses: Zenni Optical
Necklace/ Earrings: Rocksbox  (Use code thearbitraryfoxoxo for a free month!)
Dress: Fleet Collection
Belt: Ebay

Shoes: Target

You can find me @
The Arbitrary Fox


  • Rebecca | Three Things Great

    Nice post Heather (sorry to hear that plan A & B didn’t work out!).

    Isn’t the transformative power of fashion/style amazing? I know that if I put on an outfit that I feel great in I always have a more productive day. I also have this awesome large metal cuff that looks like a Wonder Woman cuff (but it is silver). Whenever I wear that cuff I feel invincible!

    Rebecca | http://www.threethingsgreat.com

    • Heather Gwinn

      It’s funny but my original blog post just might have worked after all. It just needed a TON more time than anticipated. Maybe in the future I can share it.

      Yes! It’s amazing how just getting dresses can really make for a more productive day. I always feel rejuvenated and ready for anything when I’m not in pjs! I love that you have a special piece that makes you feel that way. That’s how I feel when I wear a good pair of heels! ♥