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Guest Post: Vicki, Vicki Grace

Vicki is a fellow Washingtonian blogger, and one whose style I just adore! She’s such a gorgeous, sweet girl and I’m so happy she volunteered to guest post for me while I adjust to having two kids! Be sure to visit her blog for more loveliness!

Hi everyone! I’m Vicki, of the blog Vicki Grace, and I’m here filling in for Kristina while she’s away on her maternity leave. I’m so excited for her and baby Evangeline Rose, who is just the sweetest little girl I’ve ever seen–those chubby cheeks are just too much! 

Anyway, in honor of the new baby girl, I had initially wanted to do some kind of girly craft, but the past few months have just been so busy that I ran out of time! So I decided to showcase some of my recent thrifting finds in an outfit, since I’m sure if Evangeline is anything like her mama, she will have some amazing thrifting skills!

I haven’t always been interested in fashion…all you have to do to see that is look at pictures from my middle school and early high school years, with my boyish hair cut and standard uniform of jeans and a graphic tee. I don’t think I actually started to care about what I wore until I was about fifteen, and I’m still not entirely sure what inspired that change, but it also coincided with the time that I discovered fashion blogs, particularly a few that showcased thrifted or DIY style. I had always liked thrifting–it was a weekly tradition in my family to visit our local Value Village or Goodwill. Anyway, it was a good way to fuel my new-found obsession with fashion without hurting my wallet (too much). And over the years I’ve become a better thrifter–it used to be that I would grab everything “cute” off the racks and buy it (even more so if it had a sale tag), without considering its versatility and fit, but now, I ask myself a series of questions before buying something–how often will I wear it? is it flattering? can I wear it more than one way?

//shirt: target / skirt, belt, sandals, purse: thrifted//

Aside from the t-shirt, this outfit is entirely thrifted, even down to the purse. I’ve been lookiing for a skirt like this one for ages now, and I found the perfect one when I went thrifting with my auntie a few weeks ago. It had buttons, pockets (!!), and belt loops–so, so cute. I snatched it and told myself I’d get it regardless of whether it fit. I think it’s really cute worn as a casual skirt, with t-shirts, and I’m also looking forward to styling it for fall with tights and booties. Ooh, and sweaters. 🙂
Anyway, thank you so much for having me on your lovely blog, Kristina! And congratulations on the new baby! 

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