Retro swing skirt and motherhood

Retro swing skirt and motherhood |   Retro swing skirt and motherhood |

I am back! And feeling pretty good! The last time I updated you, I was dealing with some heavy postpartum blues. I’m glad to report that those have, for the most part, gone away and I now only deal with a rare pang of sadness that Asa is growing up so fast. Which was bound to happen anyway. Otherwise, we are surviving far better than I had expected, especially given the issues of Evie’s first two weeks of life. I think getting back into our normal routine helped Asa and I both tremendously — he went back to sleeping and eating as normal, and I went back to feeling more my happy self.

Thank you to all of the beautiful ladies who guest-posted while I took some leave of blogging; reading all of the varied posts from my talented blogger friends inspired me so much, and I hope all of you enjoyed the posts as much as I did!

Retro swing skirt and motherhood | Retro swing skirt and motherhood |

I also want to thank everyone who sent me messages and comments to check in with how I was doing; I am always so uplifted by how caring and supportive the blogging community is! After having about a month off wearing outfits and taking pictures, I feel really inspired to get back into the swing of things and make more of an effort to actually wear real clothes every day. I read this post from Kara on the flaw of thinking that marriage and children mean a woman no longer dresses up, and I totally agree. While I don’t always have time daily to get dressed up to the fullest (which means I have my makeup done and shoes on), it inspired me to take five minutes to at least put on a dress I like, and get my hair in working order every day.

Because it’s good to take care of yourself, too!

Retro swing skirt and motherhood | Retro swing skirt and motherhood |

It especially helps me on the days when I do still wake up a bit sad or tired, to feel a lot more ready for the day when I’m wearing something other than yoga pants (or let’s be honest: my husband’s pajama pants, because they’re wayyy too comfortable) and an old tee. A pretty dress or skirt really does change how I feel about the day!

Right now, I’m working on finding practical ways to wear pretty things, since I have to breastfeed and deal with a messy toddler all day. Thankfully, most of my closet is washable — I avoid dry clean only like the plague! — and even the vintage I have amassed is durable. The only caveat is finding nursing-friendly tops. Buttons, zips, and stretchiness are my best friends right now!

Retro swing skirt and motherhood |

shirt, shoes, scarf, belt, and brooch, thrifted | skirt, gift/vintage | glasses, c/o Firmoo

I hope you have all had a great week!

Any fun plans for the weekend?


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