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I use some links in this post that earn me money if you purchase from them! But these products were 100% purchased with my own money and I love ’em. Thank you for supporting me and my blog!Strawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots | I have been wanting to introduce mother+daughter style posts for a while (I would try mother+son, but Asa refuses to be photographed these days!), but I always felt like we had to match. And the thing is, Evie and I don’t have many outfits that match. She primarily has pinks and purples, while those two colors are the ones that I own the least of.

So today, since I wasn’t quite feeling my own outfit pictures, I thought… heck, why not have Evie join me? So here’s to a new series, whenever Evie is wearing something I find particularly cute. Whether we match or not! And this strawberry dress is the perfect way for Evie to filter into my style posts!Strawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots | I have been dying to get my hands on this strawberry dress from Target for AGES. I’ve seen it everywhere online, and for obvious reasons (aka, strawberry prints are my jam! Pun obviously intended) I had to get it. But I also wanted to wait because it was almost $20 and she’s not gonna fit this thing forever. My patience won out when today, it was on the clearance rack for much cheaper, and in her current size! This chunk is already in 2T almost everything, except for her feet. Her feet are still in 3-6 month sizes. It’s the only petite thing about her. Strawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots |

As for myself, for once I decided to go colorless. It’s not my usual thing, but with this glorious gray-blue lipcolor from NYX, I felt like a classic black-and-white outfit was called for, with a little bit of sass thrown in with the double buns. I felt gloriously dark and mysterious, which is something I am generally not. In the world of mystery, I am your transparent rainbow.  Strawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots |

I’ve been a bit MIA recently and if you’re wondering why, well… life with kids, I’m not super inspired by summer, and we had three photoshoots in three weeks that I have been tackling. I didn’t realize how crazy last month was until I realized how overhwhelmed I was with all of the things I needed to get done!

Thankfully, I am finished with the wedding photos I’d been working hard on, and now I have a family shoot to complete and then… maybe I’ll post more than once a week over here. I miss the regularity of blogging and exerting my creativity with outfits! I suppose another bit of why I haven’t blogged much is that I only fit into half of my clothes. I’ve been working hard to stick to a healthy diet, and mostly succeeding, but it will be a while before I reach that waist size again.

Strawberries and Polka Dots |

Body positivity is something I’ve been trying to maintain as well; appreciating my body for the things it has done rather than how it looks, for what it CAN do, and for how hard it works to provide nourishment for my lusciously healthy baby. It’s amazing how your view of yourself can change when you start to review how much you have done and can do, rather than hang on to the things that don’t fit or the things you can’t do! Someday I’ll be stronger and fitter, but right now this is where I’m at so I’m working to be okay with that!

Strawberries and Polka Dots | Strawberries and Polka Dots |

As I raise a daughter, I’ve been thinking about how I want to teach her to value what she has, and to be aware of her beauty but not obsess over it. To appreciate herself, but also realize that true beauty comes from within, as cliche as that sounds. True beauty is in the heart, in how you care for others and show yourself to be kind and faithful and loyal and true. I hope she learns that as she grows up watching me do all the physical things that make me happy, as a woman, to do. That makeup and clothes are fun, but first work on attitude.  Strawberries and Polka Dots |

Evie’s dress and shoes, Target | headscarf, mine/thrifted

She is so beautiful sometimes it hurts and I hope she never has the insecurities and obsessions that I had growing up!

Strawberries and Polka Dots |

My shirt and shoes, thrifted | skirt, old | Lips, Nyx Liquid Suede in Stone Fox

I hope you all had a fantastic start to your week!


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  • Curls & Cakes

    I loved everything about this post. I love your outfit. I adore Evie’s outfit. I love that we get to see the two of you. And I loved everything you wrote on body positivity. It’s so so important that we appreciate our bodies for what they can do. It’s a miracle that everything in our bodies work as they do!!!
    Grand post!
    Hope you are having a great day!
    Much love,

  • Lizzy

    I love this post! Evie is such a beautiful baby. Her smile lights up any gloom that might be present. I respect your raw honesty about body image. That can be hard to talk about sometimes, but you do it with such class. I know you will get through this funk. I see a beautiful woman capable of anything. Your children are perfect examples of that. 🙂