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Lipstick Lookbook: Besame Cosmetics

Happy Friday! Today I am excited to share three looks using Besame Cosmetic’s lipsticks. They kindly sent me three of their most popular shades, and I am happy to say I adore them so much! So, enjoy!


Besame |

Exotic Pink

Exotic pink is a replica of a 1955 shade. It’s not super bright on me personally, but on someone with lighter skin it might pop. It’s a really nice, sort of almost candy-pink color, very pigmented, and sooo creamy. I love how smooth these lipsticks are!

Besame |

Besame Red

Besame Red is a replica of a color from the 1920’s! It’s an earthier red, not quite a bright true red, perhaps a bit more on the blue side, but really, really beautiful. Even though they all have the same application shape, for some reason I found the red the hardest to get a good lip shape with. I don’t often use lipliner, as I don’t really need it, but I had to with this as I couldn’t get my lip line straight!

Besame |


Carmine and Besame Red look super similar on my¬† hand and in the camera for some reason, but in real life Carmine is much more orange. It’s my favorite of the three by far! Super pigmented and bright, just like I like them!

Overall, Besame will definitely be the place I go for my next few lip shades. I love the beautiful packaging, the smooth, creamy consistency, the bright pigmentation, and the fact that they are all replicas of vintage shades!

Which would you choose?

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