Lace-Up Flats, Swan Print Skirt, and Polka Dots

Lace-up Flats and Fall Dreams |

Preparing For Fall

It’s that time of year when I start to get anxious. Anxious for cooler weather, for earthy tones, for crisp air and orange leaves and pumpkin everything. It seems to be quite cliche for a blogger to say, but I love fall. Perhaps I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, but homemade pumpkin spice? Yes, please. As my eagerness for cooler weather starts to permeate everything, I find myself reaching for all of the fall items I have, and buying everything that is darker and more dramatic for the season. These lace-up flats from Amazon are a direct result of my fall dreaming.

My wardrobe of flats has been seriously lacking lately. One of my favorite was literally worn to death; they had holes in the sides and everything! I am prone to purchasing heels more than I purchase flats, even though motherhood has made flats a necessity. So, when I saw these, my needs and my dreams were both fulfilled! Ever since several of my favorite bloggers sported different lace-up flats, I have been wanting a good pair for myself!  Lace-up Flats and Fall Dreams | eyreeffect.comLace-up Flats and Fall Dreams |

I’m always wary of purchasing shoes (and clothes) online, as I have wider feet and often shoes are too narrow to fit. But at $21, these lace-up flats really weren’t too scary to order, and upon arrival I immediately tried them on… and they were perfect! They were a little bit snug at first, but after about five minutes of walking they loosened up. A day full of thrifting and running errands was no problem for these shoes. My feet were perfectly comfortable, with no blisters or discomfort even after almost eight hours of wear.

You might have issues if you are constantly removing your shoes; since they’re lace up, it takes a minute to either remove them or put them on. However, for the comfort and the style, they’re so worth it. Plus, the suede makes them easy to clean off!Lace-up Flats and Fall Dreams | eyreeffect.comLace-up Flats and Fall Dreams | They are also really great for giving an edge to my outfits, which I love this time of year! These flats have swayed about 80% of my purchases since they arrived. Everything now is bought with the thought “will it look good with those lace-up flats?”

Surely I’m not the only one who does this?Lace-up Flats and Fall Dreams | It’s only in the last few years that I have started dressing for the season. There’s something comforting about changing from the bright, saturated colors of summer to the dark, moody shades of fall. While I hate being cold, I love bundling up. I love tights and jewel tones and autumn everything.

Perhaps I should have named this post “Autumn Obsession” because I’ve spent the entire time talking about fall. I’m… sorry?  Lace-up Flats and Fall Dreams | eyreeffect.comLace-up Flats and Fall Dreams |  I think it’s also a possibility that my affinity for dark and oddly colored lipsticks — I just bought blue! — also has something to do with it. Edge is something I’ve pursued for a while, but I’ve always been a bit too drawn to girly and pretty to figure out how to add a little bit of edge.

But then I realized: “edge” doesn’t have to mean “spikes” or “leather” or “metal” (those are the things I associate with edgy style… er…). It can also be an unusual lipstick, or really really great shoes in a dark color and unique style, or even a different haircolor. Or a color palette. Now that I’ve figured this out, I’m excited for fall to come so I can experiment with the feel of an edgier wardrobe in the colors of autumn.

What are you excited about lately?

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  • Noelle

    That is 100% percent how I view my version of “edgy,” as well. It’s the embrace of darker, more serious moods. It’s an arched eyebrow. It’s ambition. Which all reminds me of our villian conversation lol.

    And, basically YES, to everything else in the post! Yes to fall, yes to being inspired by the season, yes to all the gorgeousness happening in these photos! You’re amazing.

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Ohhhh, me, too!!! I may or may not (spoiler, it’s actually “may” :D) have even had years when, in late summer, I pulled out darn near every even remotely autumnal hued or themed piece in my wardrobe and laid them all out on our bed so that I could start planning outfits in even greater detail (than just from memory, I mean) before fall started. Fun? Absolutely! Worth doing every year? Yeppers! 🙂

    This outfit is just a delight. How can one go wrong with a stellar novelty print skirt and a bold, eye-catching lippy like that?

    Big hugs & happy summer into autumn wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  • Kay

    I love fall. The snuggly feeling of cooler weather, and the beautiful scenery where I live. I’m definitely a big snuggly sweater kind of girl. Also, I think this is one of my favorite outfits I’ve seen you post! I just love it! The colors & patterns together with your hair and lipstick – it all looks so great!

  • Curls & Cakes

    Oh yeeees! I love autumn too!!! SO MUCH! I love dragging out the darker colours and I love the crispy leaves under my feet. Oh I just love autumn. And you’re not sorry at all, are you? ;D haha
    This outfit is lovely – the top is so pretty and reminds me of autumn leaves. And you look so cool with that colour lipstick – you go girl!
    Much love,