Tobi skirt, floral sweater, and a trip to the corn maze

Tobi sent me items of my choice to review and wear free of charge, but all opinions expressed herein are honest and my own! A Day in the Corn | eyreeffect.comA Day in the Corn |

A Day in the Corn

On the last Saturday of October, we took our kids to a local Corn Maze and pumpkin patch (of sorts). Asa is finally at the age where he gets very excited for things like this, and we had my mom along to watch Evie while we took Asa into the maze. It ended up being the perfect opportunity to wear this gloriously fall sweater and tweak modern garments into looking vintage.

A Day in the Corn | As someone on a limited budget, I am constantly searching for ways to make modern garments — which are a less expensive option — look era-appropriate. So last month when I was contacted by Tobi clothing, I decided I would try to style some of their very modern items in a vintage way, to show any of you who are on a budget that it’s definitely possible!

This is the first look I came up with. This orange skirt is a lovely, flirty sort of skirt with a full lining and an outer shell that is lightweight and flowing. By pairing it with this mustard swater, which is also a modern piece, and then matching my accessories in all shades of brown, I think I achieved a very 40’s look! A Day in the Corn | eyreeffect.comA Day in the Corn | A Day in the Corn |

I am finding that one of the tricks to creating a mid-century feel is matching accessories. Shoes and hats and belts all match, or perhaps shoes and belt and purse; it creates that cohesive look that was popular then.

And, of course, looking for retro details such as the floral motif around the neckline of this sweater, or the floaty shape of this skirt. I am excited to style the skirt in more ways! While I am not super fond of the waistline, which lacks a solid waistband that I need in particular, and I have started to prefer heavier weights in my skirts as the weather gets cooler, I really love the color of this skirt. And with the lighter fabric, it will be perfect for summer when everything is too warm to wear, and it’s great for layering in this fall weather!A Day in the Corn |

It is a very good thing that these boots are waterproof! While it did not rain on us at all as we walked through the maze, at one point we walked through mud so deep it nearly reached my ankles. I was incredibly thankful that I had waterproof shoes on. And that we took photos before we reached the mud moat.

Asa loved it so much, though; he excitedly jumped in every puddle he passed, and then wanted to stay and squish the mud for a good five minutes before we coaxed him to go on. A Day in the Corn | eyreeffect.comA Day in the Corn | eyreeffect.comA Day in the Corn |

And we had to get some cute pictures of Evie and Asa with pumpkins! Asa was thrilled to sit by the pumpkins, and was obsessed with their bright orange exteriors. Evie… well, she was just excited about the popcorn my mom fed her. Ha! This girl loves food!

I am so glad we got out to the maze before it closed for the season! I wish we could have gone to an actual pumpkin patch (a you-cut-them-from-the-vine-yourself patch) but most of the pumpkin patches were closed. Pumpkins go fast!

Did you enjoy your October? And can you believe it is already November? I’m still adjusting to that!

Sweater, Joules (old) | skirt, c/o Tobi | boots, Breckelles on Amazon | tights, Target | hat, vintageA Day in the Corn |