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Alice in Wonderland || eyreeffect.comAlice in Wonderland ||

Recently I splurged on a few Lindy Bop dresses I’ve  been eyeing, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have seen most of them. This Alice in Wonderland print was probably the first thing I saw that I knew I’d buy when I had the budget to treat myself to an order, although I had a hard time deciding between the Audrey, the Brittany (which has heart pockets, and which I own with a makeup print on it!) and the pretty pink Ionia! But in the end, yellow always has my heart!

And we’ll just ignore the fact that I probably should have ironed it first, and my slip is showing in too many of these photos. When a girl is out by herself on limited time, these things happen. 😉 Alice in Wonderland || eyreeffect.comAlice in Wonderland ||

Alice in Wonderland || eyreeffect.comAlice in Wonderland ||

Since I am less than 15 weeks away from my due date now, and as you can see from my last post my belly is not small, I’ve  been trying to stick to purchasing things with stretch. And luckily, almost everything Lindy Bop sells is stretchy! Added bonus, almost everything they sell also has pockets. We all know how obsessed women are with pockets seeing as how the general fashion industry thinks we don’t need them for some reason. 

I was delighted that upon receiving my order of dresses (six of them, to be exact!) there was only one that didn’t work out on me (because, you guessed it, no stretch!), and only one — this one — that doesn’t have real pockets due to the line of the wiggle dress style. Although I am told other dresses in that style DO have real pockets, so it may just depend on which style you purchase!Alice in Wonderland ||

As a person who really doesn’t like to buy too many maternity items unless they’ll work post-baby, I love that so far I don’t even have to size up in Lindy Bop. I wore a large before my belly started to pop, and large still works on me now! I wish I had known about Lindy Bop with my first and second pregnancies. I struggled so much to find retro styles that suited my taste and fit all over while pregnant.

And soon, I know, I will have to put away all of my non-maternity clothes. I only have one and a half weeks left of this magical second trimester (already!) and the third trimester is when growth begins to rush forward. While you cannot really tell the girth of my stomach in these photos (which I took this weekend, so they are not old!), people in real life already ask if I’m due any second, and it makes me laugh. Alice in Wonderland || Alice in Wonderland ||

Since I carry all out front with very little weight gain anywhere except my stomach and chest, it’s always pretty blatantly obvious that I am pregnant, and by six months most people think I’m at my due date. I know that being asked if one is pregnant can be a sensitive thing (I’ve been asked when I was due two weeks postpartum,  and have definitely been mistaken for pregnant when really it’s just weight gain post pregnancy), but I’ve never minded too much. Whether I am or am not pregnant, it’s at least a conversation starter, and I tend to have a lot of humor about it when I’m not actually pregnant. 

Watching people backtrack or turn red when I cheerfully respond (not pregnant), “Oh no, it’s just belly fat!” is, I have to admit, pretty amusing. But I think life is too short to worry about being mistaken for pregnant, or in my current case, being told I look like I’m ready to pop when I am, in fact, still three months away from baby land. Alice in Wonderland || Alice in Wonderland ||

I’ve been blessed with a very, very good pregnancy. So good in fact that when a fellow pregnant woman exclaimed “wow, you look like you’re ready to be done!” I was confused as to what she meant. I first assumed she meant I looked ready to be done with the day, until I realized that she herself was pregnant (and much closer to her due date), and she admitted she was VERY ready to be done.

I often hesitate to chat about how good this pregnancy has been, because I want to be sensitive to the plights of others who aren’t faring so well. My niece, for instance, was so sick recently in her first pregnancy that she has only just now, for the first time in four  months, felt well enough to eat a full meal again. I don’t want to be insensitive to things like that. But the fact is, my last pregnancy was not very good so to have this one be a breeze has  been something I’m thankful for every day.

But, if someone could please come over and pick up all of the things I can no longer bend over to reach, that would be appreciated. Because… you know. Even good pregnancies come with limitations.

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