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Vintage Maternity Photos | eyreeffect.comVintage Maternity Photos |

In the past years, when I envisioned how I wanted my maternity photos to look, they never turned out how I expected. With Asa, I was only just beginning to understand photography, and had just started using my husband’s DSLR. Maternity photos were sort of just becoming popular, so I didn’t have a lot of ideas on what to do and I only knew I wanted something simple and sort of earthy. With Evie, I was getting more comfortable with the camera but still worked with a self timer, and had no outfit planned. Last-minute, I grabbed a long piece of fabric I’d had for a few years, pinned it around myself, and made do.

This time, I had the outfit planned, the idea in my head, a remote to make things easier, and all I had to do was wait for good weather. When I woke up this morning to the gorgeous sunshine coming through our trees, I knew today was the day! I  had bought this dress in preparation, and knew I’d be featuring this gorgeous flower crown from Crescent Event Atilier. What I didn’t plan on, though, was taking them in my yard.

Vintage Maternity Photos | eyreeffect.comVintage Maternity Photos |

But oh, when the time is right, you just go. And the light this morning  beckoned me to come.

Vintage Maternity Photos | eyreeffect.comVintage Maternity Photos | eyreeffect.comVintage Maternity Photos | eyreeffect.comVintage Maternity Photos |

The location I had planned to go to is much like this, though; lots of green hedges, sunlight filtering through the trees. I  have gotten so used to finding locations that I often forget sometimes my yard has its advantages! Mainly, no travel time, this section of greenery, and being able to have my kids run around without needing to constantly check on them. Vintage Maternity Photos | eyreeffect.comVintage Maternity Photos | Vintage Maternity Photos |

If you are pregnant and thinking about getting a long dress for a maternity shoot, I highly recommend this one. They didn’t have much by the way of measurements on the website, but I took a chance on buying the large size, since the XL was out of stock, and it turned out to fit perfectly! Though on Amazon its listed as a 36 bust, it has easily at least 10″ of stretch in it. I’m a 42  bust and there’s still plenty of room for this dress to stretch larger. Vintage Maternity Photos | eyreeffect.comVintage Maternity Photos |

It’s extremely, extremely comfortable, too! I almost felt like I was wearing pajamas while doing these photos, except for the massive crown on my head. Ha! And, while it won’t hide lumps and bumps, it did stretch up to 50″ around my hips without becoming sheer, which was the one other thing I worried about. A few reviews said it was semi sheer, and I didn’t find that mine was sheer at all. However, if you’re larger than 50 in the hip, I would definitely encourage getting the XL just in case.

Vintage Maternity Photos |

And I will never tire of this crown that my friend Caitlynn of Crescent Events Atilier made for me. I’ve worn it and used it in so many photoshoots! It’s just stunning, and comfortable to wear, and hasn’t fallen apart despite my kids always wanting to play with it.

I’m so happy that these photos worked out so well. What a perfect way to start out March! Can you believe it’s already March? Spring is near!

Dress, Amazon (they have several colors to choose from, too!) | flower crown, Crescent Event Atilier (be sure to give them a like on Facebook, too!)| shoes, Amazon | photography all by me.

  Vintage Maternity Photos |