On Wearing Hats and Colorful Tights

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While my Irish heritage is likely generations upon generations back, and I am mostly German in truth, I can never quite resist pulling out my best garb in celebration of St. Patrick’s day. For a reason little known to anyone, really, I’ve always been desperately in love with Ireland, its history, and its beauty, and I’ve always wished I were a bit more Irish than I really am. If we’re being honest, I probably don’t have much of a claim at all. But, what I lack in heritage I can make up for with love, right?

Today, in honor of St. Patrick I decided to wear not only the traditional green, but also St. Patrick’s own color of sky blue (or as close to it as I could get with this blue-and-green striped 1950’s dress.) But, since it is a very typical overcast and cold Washington day, adding these beautiful green We Love Colors tights helped keep me warm and not turning blue in the cool weather!On Wearing Hats || On Wearing Hats || On Wearing Hats || On Wearing Hats ||

Ever since getting some We Love Colors tights a year or two ago, I’ve been meaning to stock up on more colors. I’ve owned two pairs for a year (or more?) with no runs, no tears, no awkward stretching, and they really are the most comfortable and durable tights I’ve ever owned! I was excited especially to get this green pair, as I’ve never owned green tights before and I have several dresses with this exact shade of green in them. Sadly, the first time I wore these tights I put them on, walked out the door, and tripped on our rough cement driveway, effectively landing on one knee and ripping  hole in the tights.

Impressively, considering the damage the fall did to my poor skinned knee (and only my knee, thankfully), the tights have yet to ladder away from the hole and if I was more experienced on tights repair I might be able to fix the rip entirely. As it is, I just put them on backwards so that the hole is hidden behind my knee. On Wearing Hats || On Wearing Hats || eyreeffect.comOn Wearing Hats ||

I was also excited to get these We Love Colors tights because of how well they go with this darling vintage hat my wonderful friend Hilary gave me. She was gifted the hat from her mama, who thrifted it, but when Hilary and her husband moved she decided the hat needed to go to someone who… already has a million hats. 😉 Ha! I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to style it, and knew that I’d be pairing these tights with it to emphasize the pretty green color.

I am never 100% confident wearing hats. Though I have a wall full of them, and can never resist picking up new vintage hats at thrift stores or reasonably priced antique stores, I’m still a little insecure about wearing something on my head that goes beyond the common sun-hat. On Wearing Hats || On Wearing Hats || eyreeffect.comOn Wearing Hats ||

But seeing as how I have a wall of 32 vintage hats, I think it’s time to be brave, adorn my head, and accept that I will get stared at, possibly photographed (I am fairly sure one gentleman at the park where I took these photos was hanging around to get a photo of me surreptitiously with his not so inconspicuously whipped out iPhone) and generally singled out as the pregnant lady with the tripod and camera wearing all vintage and hats.

I mean, amongst the sea of wonderful people wearing North Face jackets, oversized sweatshirts, plaid flannel button downs, and patterned leggings — none of which is at all shameful to wear, it’s just what IS here — I do stand out. Just a little. Or perhaps more than a little.

So I’ll try to be brave, wearing dresses made for women 60 years ago, perching unusual hat specimens on my head, and clothing my legs in every color imaginable. After all, it makes for a good icebreaker, and what more fun way is there to start a conversation than with an unusual clothing item?

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