Fluttering Into Summer || Lady V London Della Skirt Review

It’s that time of my pregnancy where I’m finally feeling pregnant. I can’t walk around too much, the baby has dropped, I’m nesting, and suddenly I’ve realized that I have to get everything ready before this precious bundle arrives! On top of which, I’m just so pregnant and nothing fits. Except this glorious skirt from Lady V London, the butterfly border Della. It’s got everything to lift my spirits these days in its comfortable fabric, pretty pattern, and pockets. 

Skirt, c/o Lady V London | hat, Etsy (similar) | top, Amazon | shoes, Modcloth (similar) | brooches, vintage (similar) | earrings, vintage (similar) | Lipstick, Maybelline Lip Ink in Heroine here

Lady V London sent me the Della skirt of my choice for review. All opinions are honest and my own!

Whilst pregnant I have gathered up quite a good collection of skirts with pockets, and I love that the Della can now be added to that list. I may or may not be eyeing a few more Lady V skirts to snag for my postpartum wardrobe, when I know I’ll be wanting to cinch my waist and hide the mama tummy for a while! Skirts like the Della are perfect for just grabbing, putting on a tee or button up (for breastfeeding friendly!) and going. While I have to admit I am wary of wearing white with two (soon to be three) kids, I do feel more comfortable wearing this as the pattern will help hide any accidental stains! Now that I’ve noticed it also comes in a Dirdle and a Tea dress… let’s just say I’m very tempted. 

Because what a pretty pattern it is! When I got the skirt, I knew I wanted to shoot somewhere special, but it took  me a while to realize this location existed. While it’s right next to a park that I take my kids to quite often, I didn’t even notice it until my husband pointed out how pretty all the buttercups were.  immediately, I knew it was the spot.

I have to admit, as you can see in my Instagram “behind the scenes” stories, I wasn’t sure if this field belonged to the park, or the farm adjacent to the park. Kids tend to play in this field all the time, and there are breaks in the bushes and trees to cross over from park to field, but in its upper half, furthest away from the park, there are some barns that appear to be old and possibly falling. No signs have been posted anywhere along the many ways to enter the field. My guess is that it belongs to the farm, but it’s not quite usable (it’s a VERY wet and mushy field) so they don’t mind park patrons frolicking in the long grass.

If I was less pregnant, and perhaps had better shoes on, I would 100% have wandered further into that field to the far side, behind me, where the trees are blossoming with white flowers and everything looks like it would smell beautiful. But every step further into the field felt a bit precarious and mushy, and I didn’t want to chance it just then. I could imagine so many more photoshoots here, though! Perhaps I can come back for one more maternity shoot before the baby is born, to document the last week or two of pregnancy!


It feels odd to be this close to the end of pregnancy; here I am now, planning and scheduling posts for a month and a half out so that I can take a little time off after the baby is born, and I can’t even fathom what it will be like to be needing that time. In just a few short weeks, I’ll be holding a fresh new baby in my arms and navigating the beginnings of what it’ll be like to have three kids.  

And then? Who knows! I have evaluated my time as a blogger after every child, and consistently find that taking away this creative outlet is not the answer to relieving stress. If anything, removing my biggest expression of creativity adds stress — if I don’t have this, I do very little that is my own. And then who am I? I have stated many times before, I believe it’s healthy for every mother to retain a hobby or thing that is theirs and solely theirs to love; to retain the person they were  before children, if only a little bit. This blog has been a part of me for almost ten years.

And, happily, I don’t see it ending any time soon. Changing? Perhaps! I have always wanted to incorporate more of my family into my blog. But ending? I hope not. Not anytime soon, anyway!

Skirt, c/o Lady V London | hat, Etsy (similar) | top, Amazon | shoes, Modcloth (similar) | brooches, vintage (similar) | earrings, vintage (similar) | Lipstick, Maybelline Lip Ink in Heroine here

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