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Simplicity Dress-Ups Vintage 1950s dress This dress has the cutest label. It is called a “Simplicity Dress-Up” and I wish I could find more out about the label! So far all my google searches only bring up dress patterns. Regardless, it’s a beautiful dress and is in absolutely pristine vintage condition! I am wondering if it was handmade and the label was included with the pattern, as I have heard they used to do that.

While I was trying to style this dress today, I was stumped. I had a hat I thought would match the pink stripes perfectly, but when I tried it on, it just didn’t work. Neither did my pink brooch and earrings. The pink belt I have is the wrong color, and nothing really went with the maroon shoes I was set on wearing. Eventually I thought I had settled on a patent leather black belt, the maroon shoes, and a darker maroon earring and brooch set when I realized: I wasn’t into any of the fancy styling because I just want to be comfortable. 

And here’s the secret nobody tells you:

It’s absolutely possible to be comfortable in a 1950s vintage dress.

And I don’t mean: comfortable for work, or errands, or generally the kind of comfortable you like when you’re out and about but also want to be presentable. I mean comfortable for lounging, for picking up kids, for lazing about the house, for sitting in that weird way we all sit when we’re really settled in to watch Netflix.

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Collage 1Simplicity Dress-Ups Vintage 1950s dress

This dress is comfortable. 

And no, it doesn’t have a snatched waist. It’s not a super glamorous full skirt. It isn’t “cute 1950’s housewife ad” perfect. It’s loose all over, you can’t really see my waist, it’s a zip front, it’s meant for movement. Honestly, it’s also a little outside of my comfort zone not to tighten a belt around my waist so you can see my shape. But it’s still very cute.

Being an “all or nothing” kind of person, I often feel like if I’m going to get dressed I have to get dressed. Hair done, makeup on point, accessorized perfectly, everything perfectly coordinated and fitted and maybe a little bit glamorous. I’m learning lately that I don’t have to do all of that to still look put together and feel more like myself. I can wear a dress like this which, sure, doesn’t cinch at the waist like I’m used to but has enough details that it looks like more effort than it was. I can just be relaxed. And that’s ok.

Simplicity Dress-Ups Vintage 1950s dressCollage 2Simplicity Dress-Ups Vintage 1950s dress Much like the dress label, in the end I went for simplicity. I threw on my favorite hat, put on the maroon shoes I still think go excellently with the colors in this dress, and let my jewelry be whatever it is. Honestly, I wish I’d removed the bracelet. It’s too fussy for  my liking with this outfit.

Someday I’ll find the perfect belt and shoes and hat, but for now I’m just comfortable, and that’s good enough.

Simplicity Dress-Ups Vintage 1950s dressDress, vintage (similar here, here, and here) || earrings, vintage (similar) || shoes, Amazon || hat, vintage (similar)

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