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I am so excited to finally share these photos and this lovely woodland fairy-esque breastfeeding friendly dress from Lindy Bop! About a month ago, Lindy Bop got in touch with me to collaborate on a new venture they’ve launched: the Lindy Bop blog! In their post and interview, they wanted to feature a few mama bloggers who specifically could provide insight into dresses that work well for breastfeeding. They have also added a new category on their site: nursing dresses. Of course, having loved Lindy Bop forever and also having three kids whom I have breastfed, I was very excited to collaborate and test out some dresses!

I will be sharing my thoughts on the Matilda later this week (or potentially Monday, depends on when I can schedule the post!) but I decided to start off with this beautiful Dawn dress, which features a mock wrap neckline and a lot of stretch. I am a mama who wants the easiest way to breastfeed that I can; zippers and buttons are all well and good, but a dress that can stretch to accommodate my needs is even better. And the Dawn definitely does that!

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Dress c/o Lindy Bop | scarf, thrifted (similar) | brooch, gift (similar) | shoes, old Modcloth (similar) | Cardigan, AmazonĀ 

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I am still trying to build a better breastfeeding friendly wardrobe, and with the help of Lindy Bop it’s definitely getting somewhere. With the Dawn dress (which comes in this pretty woodland fairy print as well as a plethora of other patterns!) I found that feeding Irene was immensely less stressful in public than is often the case when I’m in a dress. No buttons to fiddle with, no zippers to potentially catch tender skin, no pulling a top out of a skirt (my least favorite thing to do!). Simple stretch to one side, and easily cover up again when you’re done! I actually don’t mind having to do buttons when it’s the right dress, but most of my vintage button-up dresses are a bit fiddly and harder to breastfeed in.

I appreciate that the Dawn dress is stretchy enough to offer ease of access, but doesn’t stretch out of shape! I have been wearing this dress absolutely all the time — I’m talking at least once if not twice a week — and so far it’s held its shape really well. As a bonus, it’s lined which means if there are leaks happening (and oh baby, there are definitely leaks happening here) you’re less likely to see those. It also comes with a cute matching sash, which I know many would appreciate.

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What would be your go-to breastfeeding friendly dress? I’d love to see your choices! And, if you’re looking for more ways to be stylish as a mama, be sure to check out my favorite picks on Amazon! I’ve put together a whole list specifically for breastfeeding mamas full of my favorite brands and styles!

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Dress c/o Lindy Bop | scarf, thrifted (similar) | brooch, gift (similar) | shoes, old Modcloth (similar) | Cardigan, AmazonĀ 
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