Through the Stones || Outlander Inspired Fashion

Through the Stones-20Through the Stones-12 This morning was a struggle to get dressed. I had a vague idea of what I wanted for this second outfit in the Outlander inspired fashion series, but nothing was quite coming together like I had hoped. I own a beautiful plaid skirt from Modcloth that vaguely reminds me of the Mackenzie plaid, but every way I tried to style that just fell flat; then, I tried a few all-white outfits (with what little white I have — let’s be honest, I can’t trust myself to keep white pristine) and none of them worked, either. I desperately wanted to allude to Claire’s outfit when she passes through the stones!

Finally, I decided to dress this blouse and this shawl (which is actually a blanket, don’t tell!) with my best coordinating colors, and it all clicked. Sometimes I forget that inspired outfits don’t have to match exactly. In this, my inspiration comes from the white dress and her plaid shawl and brown shoes. The rest is my own preferences. And, I think it works quite well!Through the Stones-4!

Top, thrifted (similar) | skirt, Amazon | boots, old (similar) | tights, We Love Colors | Necklace, Amazon | blanket/scarf, Amazon

Through the Stones-25Through the Stones-22c1And though the morning was terribly cold, I’m so glad my husband and I got out to take photos. I had some unexpected and painful news this weekend, and while most of me likes to curl up in a ball and hide from the world till the bad things go away, there is another part of me fighting against that. Hiding away really does nothing. Not for me, not for my family. It’s funny how little things like getting dressed can become so hard and so important. I debated writing any of it here and now, especially as it’s not quite my news to share anywhere just yet, but I think it’s also important to let it out a little bit. I spent most of yesterday moving between feeling like I was in a haze and crying in waves.

Even though very few of you will know the details, and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to share them, or if I will ever choose to do so, it’s cathartic and important to me to note things here. This blog started, after all, as a life journal. And I would like to bring it back to that, as vulnerable as it is to open up these days. So, this weekend has been hard. I am hurting, and my family is hurting. It’s a kind of grief that feels suspended in time, because nothing is quite certain yet. Things are impending, and in some ways inevitable, but not yet happening. While we wait, and while I process things… I work on not curling up in a ball and hiding from the world. I work on keeping busy. I work on creating, and doing even the smallest and most normal things. Like getting dressed.

If you have a moment, please pray for my family, and especially my cousins and aunt and uncle. They more than anyone need all of the love and comfort and prayers in the world right now.
Through the Stones-1Through the Stones-6Through the Stones-27Through the Stones-13Top, thrifted (similar) | skirt, Amazon | boots, old (similar) | tights, We Love Colors | Necklace, Amazon | blanket/scarf, AmazonThrough the Stones-29

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