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outlander inspired fashion Lallybroch-1Lallybroch-16This year I have hopes to produce several book- or fairytale- themed Lookbooks on my YouTube channel. I have a great love for creating Lookbook videos, and obviously also adore books, so merging the two is one of my great goals this year. While I have yet to finish reading Outlander in its entirety (and to be honest, I’ve only just started the novels), I have watched all of the show and love it. Ireland may always hold the top spot in my heart, but Scotland has been a close second for a long time. Learning some of its history through the show and seeing the grand landscapes has given me a serious itch to travel. But, since I can’t travel, I’ll settle for reading the books in the meantime, and creating some Outlander inspired fashion!

This first Outlander outfit reminds me, for some reason, of Lallybroch. I could easily imagine myself wandering around Midhope Castle — the real life location that represents Jamie’s home in the stories — and its surrounding trees and gardens. The rich jewel tone of the cardgain and the coordinating colors in the skirt make it feel cozy to me. Though the tones are cool, the scarf and beret and bee motifs add a warmth that speaks of home and comfort.Lallybroch-22

Sweater, thrifted (same, same, same) | skirt, vintage (similar) | boots, Amazon | beret, Amazon | brooch, vintage (same) | purse, vintage  (similar)

c2Lallybroch-31Lallybroch-41 As I mentioned in my last post, I have been curating my closet to be more breastfeeding-friendly. While my first step was to make more consciously breastfeeding-friendly choices, my second step has been to completely overhaul what I own. This past week I pulled my entire closet out into my living room — dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and everything — and began to go through it. I am somewhat employing the KonMari method, although less to get rid of things and more to store them more neatly, and it’s given me quite a few new ideas for outfits! It’s such an obvious thing, but I hadn’t realized how few of my tops I’d been wearing because everything was buried and inaccessible. I felt absolutely limited because most of the things laying in the top of my drawer in a heap were things I couldn’t easily breastfeed in.

Now that I’ve begun to tidy the drawers and fold everything so that I can see what I have, I’ve got several outfit ideas in mind for the next few days. It’s almost as if I’ve given myself an entirely new wardrobe to play with!

Now if only I could figure out what to do with the dresses I won’t be wearing until Irene is weaned…


Sweater, thrifted (same, same, same) | skirt, vintage (similar) | boots, Amazon | beret, Amazon | brooch, vintage (same) | purse, vintage  (similar)

I am really excited to create more Outlander-inspired outfits now that I’ve got my wardrobe organized! I have so many ideas, and am itching to read more of the books and, of course, watch more episodes as they come out! Have you read Outlander or watched the show? While I do absolutely love it, I would also recommend watching with a finger on the skip button if you’re a bit more conservative like I am. We love the show, but there are scenes we skip through for sure! But I can promise that as the show continues, those scenes become less prominent!

And so far as  I’ve noticed, they’re not at all as racy in the books. But I’ll be sure to update if that changes!


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