Quick Everyday Vintage Makeup

Everyday Makeup-2

I’ve been asked what I do for everyday¬† makeup quite a bit lately, so I finally decided to film the process. When I’m not talking to the camera, I can get this routine done in about 15 minutes. I felt a little silly sharing it, because I guarantee you it’s probably the same routine just about every vintage-lover will do, but hey! Who am I to deny anyone what they want? So here it is, my “everyday” vintage makeup routine. And by everyday, I mean… “the makeup I do when I actually have to leave the house” because let’s face it, I don’t really do makeup if I’m just going to stay home with my kids.

Foundation || Powder || Blush || Eyeshadow || Eyeliner || Eyebrows || Mascara || Lipstick || Brushes

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