Wildwood Dancing

Wildwood-5Wildwood-28 Much like a bear hibernates in the winter, I feel as though my blog has hibernated these last few weeks. After the big snowed-in weekend, where I spent every day planning a new photoshoot to take advantage of the beauty of the rare snow, I felt my motivation to blog those photos melt away with the subsequent days of rain and slush. I could keep it poetic and say my mood followed the weather, but in reality something finally happened in our lives that put into perspective many of the things I do for blogging and social media. And since then, I’ve been working to figure out the best way to continue doing what I love while also balancing my home life in a better way.

I had always said that my home life would come first, and these past two or so weeks I’ve finally had to put that into practice. I’ve worked on my relationship with my husband, with my kids, with homemaking, with my friends, and with God. It’s been an eye-opening two weeks. Especially in realizing how much time I was wasting on useless social media (I don’t need to be scrolling Facebook and Instagram for an hour at a time!), and how little time I was spending on useful social media (writing this blog, for example!). Realizing how my usage of social media was affecting my housekeeping skills (which are improving) and how my lack of real planning in my days was absolutely not helping.

It’s hard sometimes to admit you’ve got a problem, but important.

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I’m not going to blame social media for causing my problems, though. I know full well that I’m the instigator of my own issues! I am prone to procrastination when it comes to most things, and I am working to change that. I don’t plan things well due to (you guessed it!) procrastination, and yet I work a thousand times better when I have a plan every day. So, that’s something I’m working on lately. And though I very much want to keep this blog consistent, sometimes in light of daily life, it will fall to the wayside for a little while. And that’s ok!

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