Tatyana Flower Cart Dress

Tatyana Flowers-1Tatyana Flowers-38I have tried to wear this beautiful Tatyana dress several times. But every time I slipped it on, the little red straps originally at the shoulders just threw me off. The off-shoulder design is not very extreme, so the straps were completely uneccessary and, in my opinion, added a little too much fuss to the already scalloped and off-shoulder design. So for a while, I sat it in my “sell” pile. While it has many features I love, it’s also white (I am notorious for spilling coffee!) and the straps just didn’t work no matter how much I tried.

Then this weekend I had the glaringly obvious idea: tuck the straps away! Instant fix, and I immediately loved the dress a whole lot better.

Tatyana Flowers-34 Dress, Tatyana Boutique (here) | shoes, Amazon | Belt, from another dress | brooch, vintage (similar here)

Tatyana Flowers-37Tatyana Flowers-28I am still debating whether I should keep this in my closet or not, since I won’t wear it often. It’s such a special and pretty dress, but  I’d be in constant fear of spilling, sitting on something dirty, getting makeup on it, etc. Does anyone else fear white for this reason? I love the idea of a crisp white dress, but boy am I terrible at keeping them crisp and white. Maybe I should invest in one of those magic laundering sticks (I can’t remember the name of them!) to help myself keep things clean!

For now perhaps I’ll keep it as a special occasion dress. When I’m going out with my husband and no kids, or when I know I won’t be, you know, drinking hazardous liquids like coffee. And let’s be honest, we all know that in the choice between coffee or a white dress, ya girl is probably going to choose coffee.

I have three kids, after all. Coffee is life these days.
Tatyana Flowers-18Tatyana Flowers-21Tatyana Flowers-10

What about you? Are there items in your wardrobe that, despite many obstacles, you still hang on to? I’ve been thinking lately about the remix abilities of what I keep, and while obviously I can’t apply remix rules to EVERY dress I own, I want to try remixing and rewearing things more often. Like many bloggers, I think I got caught up in showing something new every time I posted, and that’s not necessarily a BAD thing but I have a small house and it’s not feasible to my budget to always have a new thing to share! I was searching my archives recently and noticed how much more I used to remix and rewear things versus now, when I usually take photos in newly thrifted or just new dresses.

Since we are moving soon, it’s about time to stop buying clothes, minimise what I have, and start rewearing things regularly again!

Tatyana Flowers-33Dress, Tatyana Boutique (here) | shoes, Amazon | Belt, from another dress | brooch, vintage (similar here)

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