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Vintage Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Happy October 1st!

When I saw this 1950s dress from Backroom Finds, I knew I  needed it. Not only does it give off amazing Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas vibes, but the colors in general are so unique and gorgeous! Among other things, it is going to be part of my Halloween lookbook, wherein I’m trying to recreate various Tim Burton characters. I’m so excited to get going with some very Halloween content; this year is the first year where I’ve had the forethought to plan out some spooky things.

This first day of October also brought forth some appropriately spooky weather: the fog rolled in overnight, and it was the perfect morning to begin shooting my lookbook.

Vintage Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Dress, Backroom Finds (similar here, here) || shoes, Amazon || tights, We Love Colors || hat, vintage (similar) || Brooch, vintage (same here)

Vintage Nightmare Before Christmas SallyEdits-44 I’ve been feeling very motivated with producing content lately — whether it be filming videos for YouTube, writing on my novel, or creating blog posts, I just want to put forth fun things! I’ve been especially pushing with YouTube, as I would love to be in a place where I was paid monthly from videos I make. As it stands, I get a paycheck very sporadically. YouTube requires you to hit your $100 threshhold before they’ll pay out, and I’ve only hit that twice so far.

I’m not really expecting that YouTube will ever be anything more than a fun little side hustle, but hey. It would be nice to have some sort of reward and budget for making the content I do make! This blog has been dead, views wise, for a long time… but I still love it. Blogging was really my first foray into content making other than writing… and it’s my baby. And though I rarely comment any more, I really still love reading blogs.

Plus, it gives me an outlet for my photography!

Vintage Nightmare Before Christmas SallyCollage 1Vintage Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Lately I have been binge-watching Christine Cochrum aka The Glambassador on YouTube. I’ve followed her for a while on Instagram and her blog, but didn’t realize she had a channel until lately. And I love it! She’s so nice to watch, like sitting with an old friend for a chat. She inspired me to try setting my hair in a true wet-set, and I’m having an… interesting time with the results. Day one was glorious. Perfect hair, I want my hair to do that forever. Day two, pretty good. One or two flat curls, but overall still beautiful. Day three?

Day three is this. It actually looks better than it feels. I think the issue is that I’ve bleached my hair and it’s just a bit too damaged to hold curl at the moment, so I’m now going to focus on getting a filler and then slowly returning to brown hair permanently. Though I hesitate to say it’s forever, I think it will be a good long time before I ever dye my hair any other color again.

Vintage Nightmare Before Christmas SallyCollage 2Edits-45 I hope that, despite COVID and lockdowns, you all have a wonderful October! We aim to make it the best it can be despite everything. There will be lots of at-home activities: pumpkin-pie-making, carving, maybe some sort of mazes in our fields. We’re lucky to have acreage to have adventures on and I’m excited to make it super fun for my kids.

Vintage Nightmare Before Christmas Sally

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