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Miss Candyfloss Tartan Dress This year has been eventful!

So far this year I’ve been doing terribly at blogging regularly, haven’t I? The funny thing is, I took a TON of photos in January and a decent amount in February, but I think I got overwhelmed with which content to post first and then it just… never happened.

I have had this draft of my favorite Miss Candyfloss dress sitting here in my blog drafts for over a month now. It’s time it gets seen, even if this outfit is a month old! I think there’s this drive a lot of creators have to create NEW content, and we forget that it’s really ok to share things you made a month or three months or even six months ago. Nobody is really going to notice, or if they do it’s likely they won’t care.

So here we are, with one of my favorite dresses of all time, a dress which has made me think more and more about shopping less and buying more quality pieces and downsizing my closet to things that just make me feel perfect. 

Miss Candyfloss Tartan Dress Plus SizeDress, Miss Candyfloss (similar) || Beret, Amazon (similar) || Necklace, vintage (similar) || Tights, We Love Colors || Shoes, Amazon (similar) || Earrings, vintage (similar)

Miss Candyfloss AccessorizedMiss Candyfloss Tartan Dress Plus Size
There’s something to be said about only owning clothes that make you feel excellent.

You all know getting dressed is a big part of how I fight depression, and often photography is part of my journey as well. Lately I’ve realized that less really is more. Having a clutter-free home is one of my biggest goals at the moment, and it’s made me purge a lot of my closet in hopes that a more curated wardrobe will help with the mental clutter. I don’t work well in a messy house. I get overwhelmed and anxious. Clothes are what make up a good 60% of the clutter these days, especially with four kids! So here I am, trying my best to purge clothing from everyones’ wardrobes, purge things and only keep what truly makes this house feel homey.

Obviously, I will never be fully free from clutter. Not with kids who are allowed to play and be children in their own home. It’s inevitable there will be mess somewhere. But, simplifying our belongings will help with keeping the things from becoming a massive, overwhelming hoard.

Miss Candyfloss Tartan Dress Plus Size
Edits-15 I am currently trying to decide whether I should purge my non-vintage items on eBay or Poshmark. Alongside the physical clutter, I’ve also begun to declutter my internet life as well. I no longer sell on Facebook unless I want to, because that was becoming a mental monster that created instant stress. I am updating my Etsy with all the vintage I need to purge both from my own closet and my collection of vintage for my shop over the years. That will be my sole selling space, with exception of the occasional modern garment I can’t post there.

I want to focus on putting all of my energy into things that are truly worthwhile. Blogging is one of those – and when I say worthwhile I don’t necessarily mean “money earning” or “success making”. I mean: I want to focus on the things that bring me joy. This year I experienced something that amplified that for me. I don’t want to waste my time or emotional energy on  things, efforts, creative projects, or people that will suck the joy from what I love.

Miss Candyfloss Tartan DressMiss Candyfloss AccessorizedMiss Candyfloss Tartan Dress Plus Size  I am learning that it is essential to set boundaries.

And that it’s especially essential to stick to those boundaries, and to ensure that others respect them as well. I have learned that it’s good and healthy to set them with everyone – my husband, my children, my friends, anyone I work with. I have learned that if someone is unwilling to respect me or my boundaries, communication is key in assessing whether they are going to learn, or if I’m better off without them.

I’m lucky to be married to someone who is learning these things with me, and we continue to grow in the same direction. I will always fight for our boundaries as a couple to be respected first and foremost, and it’s something I’ve especially learned this year.

So tell me, what are things this year is teaching you so far?

Miss Candyfloss Tartan DressMiss Candyfloss Tartan Dress Plus SizeDress, Miss Candyfloss (similar) || Beret, Amazon (similar) || Necklace, vintage (similar) || Tights, We Love Colors || Shoes, Amazon (similar) || Earrings, vintage (similar)

I hope this new year has found all of you well!

Miss Candyfloss Dress

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