Getting Dressed in The 1950s


Have you ever wanted to nail authentic makeup and outfits from the 1950s?

Well, now you can!

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a quick little Get Ready With Me, featuring a makeup tutorial from the Westmore Beauty Book of 1956, as well as how to get dressed according to Eleanor King’s Glamourise Yourself from the 1950s. If you all want to see longer videos on either of these let me know, there is a wealth of information on how to get dressed, exercise, teach yourself posture, self care, cutting your hair (!!!), getting dressed for your body type, and SO much more. What do you think of the makeup and outfit? Would you wear it?

1950s Plus Size Style

Now I realize, if you somehow are here on my blog from having followed it WAY back in the day, that I have a little bit of explaining to do. Why am I suddenly updating again? What happened? Where did blogger Kristina go?

Honestly, I suspect most of you know I run a YouTube channel, and most of you follow my Instagram, but if not… there’s that. And the honest answer? I got overwhelmed by blogging. I need to reduce the files I still have stored in WordPress’s system so that I can revert to a cheaper hosting model, but that requires me to go through YEARS of uploaded files and posts, downloading everything, putting them on Flickr, editing the posts with embedded photos, deleting the files from the blog… it’s just a lot.

I’ve been meaning to do this for literal years so that I could “come back” to blogging, but I just… haven’t.
1950s Plus Size Style

However, I pay for this dang blog, so I’m gonna use it.

I take enough photos to post, too, they just never make it past the one or two I share over on Instagram. And to be honest, I’ve just really missed blogging. I figure I should have a website that is active, especially for when I get my books published and all, and some people still like reading blogs… right?

Hopefully yes.

1950s Plus Size Style

So here we are. I’m going to¬†maybe update this blog here and there as I take photo sets, and get back into some sort of chill, mostly-photo-sharing, blog upkeep.

I figure it’s also a decent¬† way to share my channel on more platforms. That’s what content creators do, right?

I don’t know.

But I’ve missed using this platform, so hopefully I can do it a bit more now. xoxo, Kristina

1950s Plus Size Style